After 32-bit DAC, LG V20 gets B&O Play's premium audio tech too

LG today announced that its upcoming V20 smartphone will be embedded with B&O PLAY's audio technology to offer the best audio experience to the phone's buyers.

The news arrives shortly after LG announced that V20 will be the world's first smartphone to feature 32-bit Quad DAC audio tech by ESS Technology as well.

LG teases V20's audio prowess, confirms launch date

LG says that it's collaboration with B&O PLAY will make the V20 deliver a 'natural and balanced sound', the quality of which, says B&O PLAY President Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, people have never experienced before. The audio capabilities of the LG G5 were also boosted through a collaboration with B&O earlier this year.

Given that the audio quality delivered by B&O Play can only be experienced on compatible headphones, LG V20 handsets will be shipped with special pairs of B&O PLAY earphones in the box to let users experience the best in audio technology. However, this could significantly increase the cost of the device given that B&O Play earphones aren't exactly the cheap kind.

LG V20 to be the first phone to feature Quad DAC audio tech

The V20 will also arrive with the new 32-bit Quad DAC audio tech by ESS Technology which no other smartphone possesses so far. Apart from replicating the experience offered by professional home-audio systems when connected with compatible earphones, the technology will also reduce ambient noise levels by up to 50%.

Aside from offering superior audio experience and stock Android N, we expect the V20 to arrive with more premium features like an Always-On secondary display, a TruSignal antenna to avoid call drops, dual rear cameras like in the LG G5, manual video recording capability, removable battery and a tough  SAE grade 316L stainless steel body. LG is expected to launch the V20 on September 6 and we'll try to get as much info about the device as is made available by LG and celebrated leaksters on Twitter and elsewhere, so stay tuned.

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