Android 7.0 Nougat: and the best features are

Google Android N is on its way to most Nexus devices as we speak and comes with several new features which you should know about before downloading it.

If not anything else, Android 7.0 Nougat will definitely improve your multi-tasking abilities and will help you save a bit more battery life.

While Google hasn't played around much with the look of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, these are some features that Android N brings in which will basically make your phone more efficient and easier to use.

Security settings

We've heard all about how even the latest Android phones running Marshmallow are susceptible to security threats, be it from public Wi-Fis, third party apps, lack of encryption in apps and even advanced password-breaking tools used by many hackers.

With Android Nougat, Google is now introducing encryption at file level, ensuring that none of your files will be accessible by anyone if you don't want them to. If you've given your phone to someone else or if it has been stolen, your private files will stay away from prying eyes thanks to the encryption settings.

In the latest Nexus devices, Google's software updates will download in the background and it won't wait for your manual intervention. This way, your phone will stay protected by the latest security tools at all times.


If opening apps all the time to view updates and respond to them annoys you, then Android N is the perfect pill for you. Thanks to the new OS, you will be able to view notifications like texts and will be able to respond to them straight from the notifications panel. You will also be able to bundle all notifications from the same app and prioritize them based on their relevance.

If you don't want to receive notifications from a particular app anymore, you will not need to head for your phone's Settings menu. Silencing notifications from an app can be done in the Notifications panel itself in a device running Android N. At the same time, if you swipe down from the top of your phone's display, you will have a choice to view either the full list of swipe-down options or just a few of them neatly arranged in a single bar. New swipe-down options include Data saver using which you will be able to stop background apps from accessing the cell data.

Virtual reality

Android N is ready to let you play VR games on your phone, but you'll have to wait until new Android phones which support Google's Daydream VR arrive in the coming months. Google says that the Nexus 6P is already compatible with Daydream and the upcoming Nexus phone will too, so we assume that you won't have to wait much longer.

Multi-window access

While Apple introduced multi-window option in iPads last year, Android device users will be able to access the feature once their phones are updated with Android N. The OS will let you switch between portrait and landscape modes for any app.

Android N will also support picture-in-picture mode on devices like TVs, which means you will be able to connect your smartphone to your TV and play videos via apps optimised for Android N. This is especially significant since Apple has already taken a lead on this front with new multi-window features in iOS 9.

Battery life

Android Marshmallow introduced a Standby mode wherein all your idle yet open apps will be shut down to save battery, provided that the apps have remained idle for a certain period of time. It also brought in a Doze mode which closed down several internal functions of your phone like searching for mails or automatic app updates. Working only when your phone is unplugged, it can shut down all background apps except essential ones like alarms and calendar schedules to save maximum battery life when you're not using your phone.

Google has sought to further improve your phone's battery life with Android N. The new OS will implement the Doze feature whenever you turn your phone's or tablet's screen off. This way, you will be able to save a lot of battery and prolong your smartphone's life.

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