Google Duo: Here's how it works

Google's fresh video calling app Duo lunched exactly a week ago but it has already surpassed Pokémon Go in terms of download numbers.

Duo offers a quick and seamless way to make video calls and even non-video calls and ensures Android fans will never yearn for FaceTime again.

We got the chance to download Duo and see for ourselves if the app is really a game-changer like how Google made it out to be. Our verdict: Yes, absolutely. Duo doesn't come with all the bells and whistles that app-makers like to call add-ons but aren't really needed by most. Smartphone users have all the choice in the world when it comes to getting in touch with others on social media, get to use Emojis and try fun ways to pass their time, but all they needed was a simple app that would let them make video calls over Wi-Fi, maybe better than Skype, and Google has given it to them.

How it works

Duo doesn't offer a tutorial as soon as you start it up, because you won't need one. The app opens up your front camera and lets you choose people from your contacts list if you want to make a video call. If you turn on the Knock Knock feature which is available in Settings, the person you're calling will be able to see you even before he/she picks the call and vice versa.

Video calls on Duo are usually in HD format but the app will adjust the resolution based on the available interned speeds. The app will also transition from cellular to Wi-Fi and will save your precious data if you happen to be in a known Wi-Fi zone while making calls on cellular data. This way, you can migrate between cellular and Wi-Fi signals without seeing your calls getting dropped.

Is it secure?

Duo offers end-to-end encryption of any data that you send or receive and will thus keep your calls private. While this is a great new addition, what's more convenient for users is the fact that Duo will switch between Wi-Fi and cellular connections without letting your calls drop. This way, you can initiate a call using your home Wi-Fi  while leaving for work, use your cellular data on the way and finally connect to the Wi-Fi at work without suffering call drops.

Does it work for everyone?

Sorry Windows Mobile users, Google Duo will only work in Android and iOS phones for now. The app will also not work in tablets or lap-tabs without calling feature as the app needs your phonebook to work. At the same time, the app will only work in devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS and iOS 9 devices or later versions.

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