LG G5 battery & camera module issues emerge barely 6 months in

When we reviewed the LG G5, we stopped short of giving it a 5 on 5 because of LG's half-hearted modular approach as well as it's iffy build quality, and now it turns out that the G5 also suffers from defective Cam Plus modules and power buttons as well.

LG G5 threads on Reddit have been particularly active recently thanks to various defects cropping up in the phone which was supposed to change the way smartphones work.

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Among the list of complaints that G5 users are spilling out on Reddit are malfunctioning GPS, dead power buttons, inaudible speakers and more recently, defective Cam Plus modules. Here's a list of user complaints to give you a heads up.


In some cases, software updates issued buy LG have fixed the problems but hardware-related issues, like those with modules, have forces buyers to get either the modules or their phones replaced. Among the modules, the Cam Plus module stands out as the principal troublemaker among G5 users. It either won't focus or G5 handsets won't recognise them.

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LG G5 was the first flagship device to arrive with a range of modular features and a new design concept to accommodate them. However, the Moto Z smartphone launched by Lenovo in June trumped the G5 as far as modular capabilities were concerned. You will be able to attach a host of accessories funnily named Moto Mods™ to the back of Moto Z with the help of integrated magnets. As of now, Moto Mods™ include a Moto Insta-Share projector, a JBL SoundBoost speaker and Incipio offGRID™ Power Pack. The Moto Mods feature worked a lot better with the Moto Z than G5 Friends did with the LG G5.

It will be interesting to see if the upcoming LG V20, which is reportedly arriving next month with several modular features, will prove better than the LG G5 when it comes to long term usage. The LG V10 was a spectacular phone and very few complaints have been associated with it, and we expect the same from the V20 as well.

We're awaiting for a comment from LG concerning the issues highlighted. 

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    I'd like to know what people do to these phones ? I have owned the LG 2,3,4 and I got my LG G5 on launch day. I have Never once had any problems withy...

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