EE finally gets on EU roaming wagon with 'roam like home' on 4GEE MAX plans

EE has launched three new sets of Pay Monthly plans for all new and existing customers to offer the best minutes and data packages both for domestic usage and in the EU.

EE's three new sets of monthly plans include 4GEE MAX, 4GEE and 4GEE Essential plans to cater to all kinds of requirements.

EE has consistently offered the fastest download and upload speeds across the country and is also among the best networks in terms of network reach and quality of calls. By bringing in these new plans, the network also wants to be the best when it comes to offering curated data and minute plans to all customers.

Three introduces cheap as chips 'essential' plans

The 4GEE MAX plans, which are the costliest, will let you access healthy data offerings, ranging from 3GB to 40GB along with unlimited texts and minutes as well as inclusive access to the BT Sport app. Subscribers to these plans will also be able to roam in the EU at domestic rates with no limits on their data and minute consumption.

While the basic 4GEE MAX plan which comes with 3GB of data will cost you  £25.99 a month or more, pricing of the 7GB plan will start at £30.99, 15GB at £35.99, 25GB at £40.99 and 40GB at £45.99. If you subscribe to the 25GB or 40GB plan, your data consumption while travelling in EU countries will be limited to 15GB as per Fair Use Policy.

Next comes the 4GEE plan which will suit you if you make short trips to European countries and if you are looking for a lot of minutes but not too much 4G data. All 4GEE plans come with unlimited minutes and texts both at home and in the EU region but data offerings vary from 1GB a month to up to 20GB a month and your maximum download speed will be limited to 60 Mbps.

EE users left fuming as roaming services collapse

EE's 4GEE plans are available starting at £20.99 for the 1GB and 2GB plan packages, at £25.99 for the 5GB plan, at £30.99 for the 10GB plan and £35.99 for the 20GB a month plan. Your free access to the BT Sport app will also be limited to 6 months and data usage while roaming in EU will also be limited to 500MB for all these plans.

For customers with minimal requirements, EE has also launched 4GEE Essential plans with up to 2GB of 4G data and 1000 minutes a month. Pricing of these plans start at £16.99 for 300MB and 300 minutes, at £18.49 for 500MB and 500 minutes, at £23.49 for 1GB and 750 minutes and at £23.49 for 2GB and 1000 minutes. Subscribers of EE's 4GEE Essential plans will also avail free access to the BT Sport app for six months.

If you need to know more about EE's new offerings, click here.

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