OnePlus 3: You might want to wait before installing the latest fix

OnePlus has rolled out a package of fixes for the OnePlus 3 but it seems the flagship's woes are far from over.

As per reports, the latest update to the OnePlus 3 is causing new issues like stopping Android Pay from working and malfunctioning auto-focus mode in the front camera.

From delayed delivered to underpowered performance to a price hike, OnePlus 3 has seen it all in its short life. The phone is no doubt among the best in the market when it comes to matching price and specification set, but OnePlus has to assure users that the phone is absolutely glitch-free to ensure its continued success in the mid-range markets.

Thinking of getting a OnePlus 3? We would hold out a bit longer..

Until now, OnePlus 3 was plagued by an issue which caused its auto-restart feature to malfunction. The latest fix seeks to resolve the issue so that you won't have to face it again. At the same time, it will also bring in carrier optimization as well as performance fixes, making you look at your beloved OnePlus 3 as if it were born again.

However, it'll be better to put a hold on the celebrations for the time being. According to Phone Arena, the fix does mend a few glitches but has added some new ones on its own. Those who have downloaded the fix are reportedly unable to make Android Pay work on their phones. What's more, the autofocus feature in the front camera is now malfunctioning and the battery-saving Doze feature is doing no favours to notifications either, probably making users miss the most important ones.

Considering the OnePlus 3 hasn't had a clean past, we took a look at Reddit and the molehill of issues turned into a mountain. A lot of issues that OnePlus 3 owners are facing, and which we didn't know about until now, includes a 'glitch' (or which could be another battery-saving feature), which makes them unable to watch YouTube videos at resolutions exceeding 480p. A number of users tried to switch to 720p and 1080p resolutions but it just won't.

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"Okay, so I've done some digging. It turns out, if a video offers 720p/1080p WITH 60fps option, OP3 only shows you 480p. It's the problem with YouTube app not recognizing OP3 as a proper 1080p device with 60fps capabilities. I'm guessing it's either OP3 forgot to submit their brand new phone to YouTube for an app integration, or ROM didn't think this issue and forgot to code it in? Because (probably) most custom ROM have 1080p enabled," said RickyFromVegas.

That's not all. There are a host of other issues that remain fixing, including app widgets not updating sometimes until the phone is restarted, OnePlus 3 switching to mobile data even when Wi-Fi is on and within reach, e-mails and other notifications not showing up unless the phone is unlocked and the fingerprint sensor bottom-upping battery juice when the phone is in the owner's pocket.

Thankfully, a Reddit user named backslashv has neatly summed up the issues plaguing OnePlus 3 which we've pasted below and should be quicker to read. However, we aren't sure how many of these have so far been fixed by OnePlus given that the post was submitted on Reddit last month. We'll of course keep tabs on the updates and new issues if they come up from time to time.


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