RootMetrics says EE fastest network at Heathrow and Gatwick airports

EE has merged as the fastest provider of median download and upload speeds at London Heathrow, Gatwick and London City airports.

Data performance tests at railway stations bring up mixed results.

Transport hubs are usually filled with people waiting for their respective trains or flights and a lot of such travellers use the internet or make calls on their mobile phones to make use of their idle time. RootMetrics recently took a look at how the major network operators fare in such areas and if travellers are able to access the data speed that they expect from such networks. The RootMetrics tests were conducted in Waterloo, Stratford and London Victoria, Liverpool Street and Euston Railway stations as well as in London Heathrow, Gatwick and London City airports.

As far as the airports are concerned, EE was the dominant performer on all three airports. At London Heathrow Airport, EE offered median download speeds of 29.2 Mbps and median upload speeds of 21.5 Mbps, letting you upload pictures in less than two seconds. EE scores 97.9 and maintained a healthy lead over Three which stood second with 92.7 points. Vodafone scored 83.1 and O2 finished last with 80.5 points.

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At Gatwick Airport, apart from EE, the other operators fared much worse compared to their performance at Heathrow. EE offered the highest median download and upload speeds of 13.2 Mbps and 13.4 Mbps and scored 95.9 points while Three, Vodafone and O2 could only manage 86.1, 52.3 and 44.8 points respectively. However, at London City airport, the gap between data speeds offered by the operators wasn't much. While EE offered median download and upload speeds of 15.6 Mbps and 18.7 Mbps and scored 97.7, Three followed with 94.1 and Vodafone and O2 shared the third spot with scores of 88 and 88.6 respectively.

In terms of offering mobile data speeds at train stations, the competition wasn't as one-sided as in airports. At Liverpool Street Station, Vodafone offered the fastest median download and upload speeds of 14.9 Mbps and 21.0 Mbps and scored 97.5, followed by O2, EE and Three with scores of 93.3, 92.1 and 63.3 respectively. At Euston Railway Station, O2 took the top slot by scoring 98.9 and offering median download and upload speeds of 33.8 Mbps and 11.6 Mbps. Vodafone scores 98.2 here and tied with EE in terms of offering the highest median upload speed.

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In other stations like London Victoria Station, Stratford Station and Waterloo Station, EE took the top spot for offering the highest median download and upload speeds. Data speeds at Stratford Station were the lowest with EE managing a median download speed of 6.5 Mbps which was faster that what any other network offered.

The RootMetrics test results suggest that EE is ideally the best network to trust if you want to download a movie or upload high res pictures on your smartphones at airports. However, the mixed results at train stations suggest that there is no clear winner here and that it might take a bit longer for operators to offer median download speeds and upload speeds that are comparable to those being offered at city centres.

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    Is this still a surprise? A one year head start rolling out 4G is still a one year advantage!

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