LG V20: Here are the leaked pictures and they look gorgeous

LG is set to launch the V20 on September 6, keeping its promise of launching two flagship phones this year and the first leaked images of the V20 have surfaced, revealing a reinvented design and modular capability.

Leaked images of the V20 betray a modular slot at the bottom, dual rear cameras and the home button on the back of the phone.

The images pasted below have been obtained by Android Authority in collaboration with @OnLeaks and are the first leaked images of the V20 which will launch in less than a month from now.

Like the G5, the V20 features a modular slot at its bottom which may let you add a replacement battery or a camera module. Unlike the V10 but like the G5, the phone also lacks dual front cameras but features dual rear cameras which may [pack similar resolutions as the ones in the G5. There is also a button on the right which may let you fit in additional modules to increase the phone's functionality.

Since the V20 has borrowed so much from the G5, does it really pack anything that would serve as a differentiator and make it look like its predecessor? The V20 features a larger display just like the V10 and features a secondary display which may arrive with an Always-On capability. The home button is on the back of the phone and like existing LG phones, should pack a fingerprint sensor as well.

As for the dual rear cameras, the design of the glass panel which shields the cameras matches the one in the G5 but is a little wider, making the phone look a lot like the Nexus 6P when viewed from behind. The home button/fingerprint sensor is also spherical in shape and is placed just below the cameras, but marks a huge departure from the way the cameras and home button in the V10 were designed.

Aside from the looks, the V10 was much complimented for its Dura Skin back grip which let users hold on to their phones without worrying about dropping them. In the V20, LG has opted for a pure metal back which does look a lot smoother but may not be as grip-friendly like its predecessor. Looks notwithstanding, the design and the size of the V20 will surely offer you an experience equivalent to that offered by the V10.

While Android Authority couldn't get their hands around internal specifications or extra features in the phone, we expect LG to make the phone as worthy as the V10, if not more, as far as features are concerned. The V10 attracted instant attention last year because of features like dual front cameras, a TruSignal antenna to avoid call drops, superior 32 bit Hi-Fi DAC by ESS Technology, an Always-On secondary display, manual video recording capability, removable battery and a tough  SAE grade 316L stainless steel body. Apart from these features, we expect LG to launch the V20 with upgraded RAM and storage and the latest Snapdragon 821 processor as well.

Images source: Android Authority

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