Addicted to the internet? Digital detox is the way out

Back in May of last year, Ofcom revealed that overall daily internet usage by adults increased by over three and a half hours in 2014 over the previous year. However, it seems that things have turned much worse since then.

Ofcom's latest report states that internet addiction has risen so much that over fifteen million adults in the UK have resorted to 'digital detox' to stay away from the internet and enjoy their lives beyond the screen.

The Ofcom report, titled 'Communications Market Report 2016' suggests that while people have grown increasingly addicted to the internet, a large number of them are now taking measures to remove themselves from their dependence to the internet and spending more time with their families. As per the report, one in every three adult internet users have spent time away from the internet and one in ten have done it in the past week alone.

Most UK adults use the internet for over 20 hours a week!

While no one can argue with the benefits that internet has brought to our lives, it is also true that spending too much time on the internet has not only caused stress to a number of people but has also impacted their social lives. Those who took to 'digital detox' to spend time away from the internet have reported an improvement in their quality of life. While one in every three of such users felt more productive, 27% found it a liberating experience and one in every four enjoyed life more.

“The internet has revolutionised our lives for the better. But our love affair with the web isn’t always plain surfing, and many people admit to feeling hooked. So millions of us are taking a fresh look at the role of technology in our lives, and going on a digital detox to get a better tech-life balance,” said Jane Rumble, Director of Market Intelligence at Ofcom.

Britons hate phones in restaurants, most want them banned!

While the fact that a lot of people are trying to stay away from the internet is a welcome news, a majority of internet users are still either too busy to stay away, like in the case of those whose professions are tied to the web, or too addicted to stay away. As per Ofcom, adult internet users in the country spend an average of 25 hours in a week on the internet and a little less than half of all users go online more than ten times a day. Worryingly, one in ten internet users access the web more than fifty times a day.

The usage has been fuelled considerably by the increasing network of Wi-Fi in public places coupled with rising 4G coverage. Faster download and streaming speeds have also encouraged users to watch more movies and videos online, increasing internet usage by leaps and bounds.

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