Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update: First impressions

Microsoft released an Anniversary Update to the Windows 10 operating system recently and a slew of changes include an advanced Edge browser, a better Cortana.

The Anniversary Update brings in very little changes in the overall design format of Windows 10 but certainly adds several features to bolster your productivity and security.

We got an opportunity to test the Anniversary Update first hand and here's a list of updates that we came across. However, they may be certain additions that users might discover while trying out the new update over a period of time.

Display and Start Menu

On of the first things you will notice in the new edition is that the Notifications button has switched places with the Date and Time one and now rests in the far right corner of the screen. However, if you click on the Notifications button, you'll notice that the format in which notifications used to be displayed hasn't changed.

The Start menu now includes a couple of new tabs named Connect and Feedback Hub. While Connect lets you connect your Windows 10 PC or laptop to other devices wirelessly, the Feedback Hub lets you provide your real time feedback to Microsoft on how to make Windows better, learn more about Windows, get help and become a Windows Insider to be among the first to get to try out new features introduced by the company.


Cortana can now do your mathematical calculations for you by itself without directing you to a web page. You can also access Cortana from the lock screen and ask it to answer questions, play music and set reminders. What impressed me the most is Cortana's ability to understand each command and question clearly without misunderatanding words or drawing a blank look.

However, the time lag between saying 'Hello Cortana' and the Cortana Window jumping up is still frustrating and it seems Microsoft didn't give it much attention while perfecting the Anniversary update.

Microsoft Edge

After you download the Anniversary Update and start the Edge browser, it will make you go through a summarised tutorial on new features, be in based on productivity, security or customisation. However, the way Edge works and how it looks have stayed largely constant.

Edge will now let you add new extensions to maximise your productivity, These include Pinterest's Pin It Button, Amazon Assistant, AdBlock, Adblock Plus, LastPass and more. The Amazon Assistant extension will show you the best deals of the day, product comparisons and shortcuts to popular Amazon destinations and the new Office Online extension in Microsoft Edge will let you view and edit Word, Excel or PowerPoint sheets even if you do not have Microsoft Office installed in your laptop or PC. Edge will also support as many as fifty different languages and you can choose to view any webpage in the language of your choice.

The Edge browser is also more secure with an updated Windows Defender support and is remarkably power-efficient, giving you up to 53% more battery life compared to any other browser.

Windows 10 and Xbox

You can now play Xbox games in your Windows 10 device and can share game settings and game progress in any device, be it Xbox One or your pet laptop. There is also an unified Windows and Xbox store to let you find Xbox games, game and app bundles and make pre-orders faster.

We'll continue to run through the Anniversary update in the coming days and as soon as we discover new features or settings that Microsoft didn't talk about yet, we'll let you know as soon as we can.

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