Wrist-scorching Basis Peak smartwatch recalled by Intel

Intel is recalling all Basis Peak smartwatches after it turned out that a firmware update couldn't resolve overheating issues.

Intel's Basis Peak smartwatches were reportedly heating up so much that they were causing blisters and burns on users' wrists.

Intel says that while it hoped that a software update to Basis Peak smartwatches would resolve the over-heating problems, that didn't work out and the only remaining method to resolve such issues would completely compromise the device' performance. The company is thus recalling all Basis Peak smartwatches and offering a range of accessories as full refund for the cost of the smartwatches.

"We are issuing this safety recall of the Basis Peak watch because the watch can overheat, which could result in burns or blisters on the skin surface. It is important that you stop using your watch immediately and return it," said Josh Walden, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Intel's New Technology Group.

Existing users of Basis Peak smartwatches will be able to access data saved on their watches till December 31 during which they will be able to sync and transfer such data to other devices. As of now, Intel hasn't been able to find a permanent solution to the issue and has expressed its regret to all existing users. However, the company did mention that they are working towards addressing the issue. 

For British users of the Basis Peak smartwatch, Intel will refund a total of £184 which includes the cost of the smartwatch plus £15 worth of shipping costs. While consumers in the U.S. will start receiving their refunds after 10 days, there is no such fixed timeline for British users. Even though only 0.2% of all affected Basis Peak smartwatches are said to be affected, Intel has issued the recall as a precautionary measure.

If you need further details about the return process and refund timelines or if you can trade your Basis Peak smartwatch for other accessories, you can call 01793-404925 between 7:30AM and 3PM GMT.

The Basis Peak smartwatch, designed by Intel's Basis Science Inc. and contract manufactured in China, launched with a 24 x 20 mm display and featured a Gorilla Glass 3 touch screen face, a stainless steel bezel, an aircraft-grade aluminium case, a 190 mAh Li-Po battery, 16MB of storage,  a range of sensors like heart rate monitor, accelerometer, ambient temperature sensor, on-wrist detection sensor and vibration and haptic feedback motor. It also featured Apple Health and Google Fit integration and was water-resistant to 5 ATM.

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