Samsung's new S Pen: All you need to know

Samsung's new Galaxy Note 7 is an incredible multi-tasking device, but its overall capabilities would be quite limited if not for the new S Pen.

S Pen is more intuitive than its predecessor and comes with twice as many pressure points.

While the S-Pen has always been included in Galaxy Note boxes to help users take notes, draw pictures and do a lot more on their devices, the S-Pen which launched with the Galaxy Note 7 works more like the 3D Touch feature in Apple's latest iPhones.

The S Pen comes with a new Glance feature which will enable you to switch between apps by placing your S Pen over any app. The new Magnify feature also helps in magnifying any part of the display by simply hovering the S Pen over a particular area. What's more, if you hover your S Pen over any word written in a foreign language, it will translate it to your preferred language using the new Translate feature. All these capabilities were not present in the S Pen in Galaxy Note 5 or previous versions, so there surely is a lot in store for you if you buy the Galaxy Note 7.

Thanks to its IP68 dust and waterproof rating, the S-Pen is quite durable and damage-proof compared to its predecessors. So if you happen to dunk it in a bucket of water, you wouldn't need to worry. Just wipe it and it is ready to use again. The new S-Pen also comes with twice as many pressure points as the one which shipped with the Galaxy Note 5 and is quite advanced compared to the S-Pen which shipped with the Galaxy Note 4, the last Note device to launch in the UK.

After Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 5 around the same time last year, a major flaw was discovered in the phablet's stylus design. It came to light that inserting the stylus in the wrong position could result in the stylus getting stuck inside and any attempt to pull it out could damage the internal stylus detection mechanism of the Note 5.

We hope Samsung has taken note of the defect and has ensured that the flaw won't persist in the design of the new S-Pen.

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