Whether you were a fan from the days of the Nintendo GameBoy or you don't know your Pikachu from your peek-a-boo; Pokemon Go will more than likely take over your life.

Here are my top ten tips on how to become the ultimate Pokemon Master...

1. Don't Battle Until You're Ready

When you finally break into Level 5 and you're allowed to join a team and start fighting for gym leadership, make sure you're totally ready! Most venues will have very strong Pokemon holding the title and will usually be led by at least a Level 10 player. Remember, if your critters get knocked out then you have to use revives and potions to get them back up to full health. So if you have a 10CP Magikarp and you're going to face a 1000CP Golbat, you might want to think again.

2. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

If you're a Pokemon pro, you'll know about the many different 'types' and how they fight. But if you're new to this and want to win your battles, you need to invest the time to learn what they all mean. It's generally quite scientifically accurate, for example; a water type Pokemon like Squirtle will be extra effective against a fire type Pokemon such as Charmander. But as you get more experienced and find more creatures, you'll benefit from learning what makes a fighting type weak or a psychic extra powerful.

3. Manage Your Inventory

No-one likes having to delve into the world of microtransactions and in Pokemon Go, they're more common than finding a Pidgey. Almost everything can be bought, including more bag storage. So unless you're prepared to spend a lot of money on in-app coins, be savvy with your goods. Yes, you want to catch 'em all. But if you're down to your last few Pokeballs and you stumble across the 10th Ratatta in a row, you should probably consider sparing it.

4. Manage Your Pokemon

Speaking of more bag storage, don't forget you're limited to carrying 250 Pokemon at a time. So if you do find yourself catching multiples of the same pocket monster, make sure you transfer the duplicates to the professor. Not only will you free up some space but you'll receive one piece of that Pokemon's candy in exchange for it, meaning you can evolve it quicker or power it up! Top Tip: pay attention to the CP of your Pokemon before you trade them - always keep the one with the highest level!

5. Boost Your XP

Everyone wants to be a high level and gaining XP is how you can advance this. XP is rewarded for lots of things such as visiting a Pokestop to evolving a Pokemon (500XP) - and there is a sneaky trick to the latter. When a Pokemon has the ability to evolve more than once, you will find it doesn't need many candies to do so - only 12 for a Weedle. And these are very common! So, catch as many Weedles as you can! Top Tip: Acquire a Lucky a Egg (which doubles your XP for half an hour) and do all your evolving in that time - you'll get 1000XP for one Weedle!

6. Hatch Eggs

The eggs that you find at Pokestops are secret little gems to unlocking extremely rare Pokemon. Whilst it may seem a bit of a laborious task to walk 5km with the app open, hatching one of these or a 10km could cause you to reap serious rewards. As rumours go, there are four Pokemon that can't be caught outside their respective continents: Kangaskhan in Australia and New Zealand, Tauros in North America, Mr. Mime in Europe and Farfetch'd in Asia. However, it is said that via the eggs, any one of these could be hatched - no matter where you are. Best get walking!

7. Don't Use Augmented Reality

Whilst it's cool to watch a Zubat fly about in your garden, turning off the AR feature makes capturing the creatures much easier. They don't move about for no reason and it doesn't jolt or shudder. Doing this doesn't affect the rest of the game and you can always turn it back on later. But if you do turn it on again, be sure to use the camera to capture those brilliant augmented reality moments.

8. You Can't Catch 'Em All... Yet!

Die hard fans will remember that there are rare Pokemon - and there are LEGENDARY Pokemon. These legendary Pokemon include: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo and Mew. All of which have been rumoured to have code in Pokemon Go, but are currently unobtainable. Speculation of a calendar event run by Nintendo or something similar could very well be how we achieve their capture, however so far, no one really knows. Not forgetting Ditto - the little purple blob whose only real ability is to morph itself into its opponent - who also isn't available in the game. I guess patience is a virtue if you want to be a true Pokemon Master!

9. Make the Most of Public Transport

Whilst the idea of the game is to go walking and exploring, never let a good opportunity pass you by! A good train or bus journey will carry you through many Pokestops, allow you to encounter a large mixture of Pokemon and even help your eggs to hatch. Yes, the app has to be open, which may be annoying. But who knows what that half hour commute to work could get you?

10. Know Your Attacks

Battling in the Gyms is not as simple as the traditional GameBoy games: it requires physical combat and powered-up attacks. When you catch a Pokemon, check its basic attack and its special attack. The basic one is the amount of damage caused when you ferociously tap the screen. The special attack is the one that often does the most damage and is achieved through building the little blue bar up. Some Pokemon - despite being the same type and sometimes even a lower CP - will have stronger attacks than others, so choose wisely who you play before you go into battle.


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