EE users left fuming as roaming services collapse

EE customers who are holidaying abroad aren't a happy lot at the moment. A large number of EE customers have taken to Twitter to vent their anger at not being able to make calls, send texts or to consume data.

EE is presently working with its roaming network partners to get its network back on the rails again but there's no telling how long it will take.

If you're either travelling abroad or if any of your relatives who is an EE customer is away, then you need to stay in touch with EE's Twitter handle to get updates on the status of the network's roaming services. In the meantime, do try restarting your handset or toggling the Airplane mode on or off and see if they help. They usually do.



The present situation for travellers is quite a contrast to conditions at home where EE routinely dominates call quality and data speed rakings. Given that mobile networks are quite capable of disappointing travellers, especially those travelling to high mountains and deep jungles, its always safer to carry a second SIM if you need to stay in touch with people at all times.

While network issues usually do not persist for too long, we hope the same will be the case with EE's roaming service. As usual, we'll let you know as soon as there is an update from EE.

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