Amazon Dash: All you need to know

Amazon has just launch Amazon Dash, sparing AmazonFresh customers the effort of keeping tabs on their fridge at all times.

Amazon Dash will help you keep tabs on what you have in your fridge or kitchen cabinet and will help you add them to your Amazon basket when stocks are close to drying up.

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Amazon Dash will help you with a quick and easy way to add household products to the Amazon basket by scanning a product's barcode or saying its name and once you visit the Amazon app, you will simply need to place the order.

“We’re all used to trying to remember the contents of the fridge and kitchen cupboard and scribbling down reminders on pieces of paper," says Ajay Kavan, VP of AmazonFresh With Dash, at any given time, customers can keep track of products when they come to mind and scan to reorder groceries and household essentials as soon as they run out. At Amazon, we’re always looking to innovate based on feedback and Dash has been designed to continually learn as customers use it,” he adds.

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Available in 128 postcodes in London, AmazonFresh delivers over 130,000 grocery and household products to its customers and with the Dash, its deliveries will be more convenient and on time for users. Be it Fairtrade Ripe and Ready Bananas, Morrisons British Semi Skimmed Milk, Murray’s Fresh Fish Seabass or even Herdsman 10% Fat Beef Mince, they're all just a click away. The online retail chain also includes the likes of Gail’s Artisan Bakery, C.Lidgate, FishWorks, Paxton & Whitfield, Konditor & Cook, Bad Brownie, Daylesford, Chegworth Valley and Turnips in its fold.

Aside from helping you to keep tabs on your grocery stocks, Dash will keep on improving as it adjusts to your consumption scale as well as the kind of products you usually order. While it may take a bit of time to get things working in a perfect order, you will be able to save a lot of time for other things once the Dash gets used to your ways. If you are an Amazon prime member, you will be able to avail one hour deliveries as well between 7am to 11pm, seven days a week.

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