Google cuts down app updates sizes- saving you data, time and phone memory

Google Play Store will soon be a lot cheaper for you, especially if you use your precious mobile data to regularly update apps.

Google is reducing the size of app updates by 50% and will also notify you about the size of every update before you install it.

In an official blog titled 'Improvements for smaller app downloads on Google Play', Google said that an existing algorithm reduces the size of updates in around 98% of all apps, but they are releasing a new algorithm named 'bsdiff' which will reduce the sizes of app updates further. The new algorithm does not download entire apps but passes on updates specifically to such native codes in which changes will need to be made.

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However, Google also said that the new algorithm works on native libraries which are uncompressed but if such libraries are compressed, they will interfere with the working of the algorithm and will see new updates only 5% lighter than before. The company will also use the new algorithm on APK Expansion Files which are now 12% lighter than before.

"Earlier, Google Play used to just show the app size while the update size remained unknown to users. However, Google looks to change that with this new update. Google says that the changes are rolling out to all Google Play users, and if they aren't reflecting on your screen at the moment, they should in the coming weeks," said the company.

The move by Google will save a lot of your mobile data as most apps are usually updated once every week and take away a lot of data from your pack before you could use them. According to Google, over 65 billion mobile apps were downloaded from the Play Store last year. Imagine how much data all these apps must have consumed so far, given that they are frequently updated with security definitions and performance updates.

Vodafone offers 90% discount on play store purchases for six months

If you're looking for more ways to save money while continuing to use the Play Store to access and try out new apps, you should know about a new deal being offered by Vodafone. The operator's new Charge to Bill offer brings in up to 90 per cent discounts on purchases in the Google Play Store while letting you transfer the value of such purchases to your monthly phone bills.

Vodafone's new Charge to Bill offer can be used by subscribers to make purchases on services like Spotify Premium, Sky Sports Mobile TV, Sony PlayStation and Facebook as well. Once you subscribe to the offer, if you purchase any apps, movies, TV shows, games or ebooks on the Play Store or even make in-app purchases, rather than paying with your registered credit card on Google Play, you can choose to pass on the cost to your Vodafone monthly bill. This way, you will need to make one consolidated payment for availing cellular services as well as buying and using apps.

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