Spotify opens up playlists of free subscribers to third part advertisers

Popular streaming service Spotify has enabled advertisers to view playlists of its 70 million free subscribers to deliver targeted advertising.

If you are a subscriber of Spotify's free service, your playlists can be viewed by third party advertisers who will make you view ads consistent with your tastes.

Even though Spotify boasts a large user base in over 59 countries, it's profitability is woeful compared to its rivals. While the company's revenues last year neared €2 billion, the company couldn't make any profits out of it and in fact, its losses grew by 10% to up to €173m. Even though a growing number of subscribers are switching to a paid subscription model which brings in unlimited content, the company needs to add a lot more users and generate more advertisements to pay off music artists and labels.

The streaming service has over 70 million free subscribers and the only way to get money out of that pocket is to load it with advertisements. This can be both beneficial as well as infuriating for customers. Like for example, if you are listening to an album recently published by Adele, garment companies can show advertisements of tops and dresses with Adele's picture on them or better still, sell you playlists and books dedicated to popular singers. However, if you aren't interested in buying stuff on a music streaming app, you won't have any option but to view them for either 15 or 30 seconds at a time, which can be infuriating if you've got a train to catch.

As of now, your only way out will be to upgrade to Spotify's paid ad-free subscription service or to look for another service which will keep adverts at bay. The advertisements in any case will be based on your age group, your gender and your choice of songs so there's a chance you may find them interesting once in a while.

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