Samsung updates Galaxy S6 and S7 devices ahead of Note 7 launch

Samsung is rolling out a series of security upgrades for its Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ handsets, days ahead of the launch of Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung's Galaxy S6 family handsets have been exposed to various security issues since their launch which have been gradually plugged by Samsung over a period of time.

Security flaws haunt Samsung's flagship Galaxy S6 Edge

The latest July Security Maintenance Release for Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ handsets comes along with updates for the latest Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge handsets as well. According to Sammobile, the size of the update is as high as 350MB which may bring in fixes to several security issues plaguing both generations of handsets till now.

One of the vulnerabilities which Samsung aims to fix with the updates is a critical error which allows malicious programmes to invade a handset's shared memory through the Jack audio service. Given that malware, ransomware and other malicious programmes are becoming increasingly powerful with the passage of time, OEMs like Samsung have to release security patches introduced by Google as soon as possible to prevent security and privacy of device users to be compromised.

Galaxy S5 joins the Marshmallow party: see who all are there!

Last year, Google pointed out as many as eleven security flaws plaguing Galaxy S6 Edge that included a vulnerability which could let a hacker gain control of the phone remotely. Samsung fixed the vulnerabilities within 90 days of being reported and was lauded by Google for achieving the feat. Recently, multiple reports revealed that Marshmallow updates in Samsung Galaxy phones played around with stored passwords and fingerprints, leaving users unable to unlock their phones post update.

The said issue has been observed in premium Samsung Galaxy phones like the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note 4 handsets. Even though all Galaxy devices aren't encountering the issue, a large number of them still are, so it could be possible that your device could be next. As per Sammobile, once users update their Samsung Galaxy handsets with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, their devices do not recognise their fingerprints or stored passwords, rendering themselves unusable. It will be interesting to see if the July Security Maintenance update will resolve the issue or if Samsung device users will have to wait a bit longer.

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