Vodafone's Inclusive Roaming now available in 101 destinations

Vodafone today added several new destinations to the list of countries where it will offer 4G roaming, taking the total count to 101 destinations across the world.

Vodafone will offer 4G roaming in new destinations like Argentina, India, Bahamas and Channel Islands.

If you're looking forward to staying connected with family and friends on superfast 4G networks during the holidays, staying on the Vodafone network will let you travel to any of 101 destinations across the world without worrying about compromised internet speeds and connectivity. Vodafone now offers 4G roaming services in more countries than any other network in the UK.

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The news comes a couple of months after Vodafone introduced inclusive roaming in 40 new destinations across the world. These destinations constitute 80 per cent of the countries which Vodafone's pay monthly customers regularly visit. If you travel to Switzerland and get 2GB of free inclusive data from Vodafone, as soon as you approach your data limit, Vodafone will also offer you an option to upgrade to a higher bundle, buy extra data or even move onto Vodafone world rates.

Thanks to the inclusive roaming facility, Vodafone's Pay As You Go customers will be able to use texts, 100 minutes and 500MB of data while holidaying in any of the network's 101 destinations. If you subscribe to Vodafone WorldTraveller, you will also be able to use your existing minutes, texts and data package in 58 destinations by paying an additional £5 a day.

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Vodafone's inclusive roaming is available to subscribers of its Red or Red Value Pay Monthly bundles. If you do not own a Red or Red Value bundle right now, Vodafone is offering 12-month pay monthly Red bundles from £9.50 per month and inclusive roaming from £18 per month. If you fancy a Huawei P9, you can get it from £28 a month which will give you unlimited minutes and texts and 1GB of 4G data. The bundle will also let you use up to 500MB of data while you are visiting any of the forty countries where inclusive roaming has been activated by Vodafone.

If you're travelling to Europe during the holidays, you can also subscribe to Vodafone's EuroTraveller pack. You just need to pay £3 extra a day to enjoy unlimited texts and minutes provided you are a Vodafone Red bundle customer. You will also not face any extra charges for incoming calls and texts and data usage will cost as much as it does at home.

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