This is why Amazon think Fire Phone failed

Amazon's Fire Phone couldn't match the success of Amazon Echo, a reason for which could be because the phone wasn't a niche product in a well-served market, says Amazon SVP.

Launched around the same time as Amazon's Fire phone, Amazon Echo is now a household product.

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Speaking at Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference recently, Amazon's SVP Dave Limp looked back at how the Fire phone and the Echo performed in the two years since they were first launched. While the Echo was a runaway success, the Fire phone couldn't take off even after it was offered through unbelievable deals.

While 32GB and 64GB variants of the Amazon Fire phone are priced at around £400, Amazon offered both variants for as low as £99 and £149 respectively as part of a 24-hour sale in early 2015, barely months after the phone was launched. "The phone segment is very well-served. And we didn't come out with a product at that particular point in time that was differentiated enough for customers such that it got the momentum that we needed to see," he said.

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Limp further claimed that the phone received good reviews from Amazon's internal testers but couldn't resonate with customers. When we reviewed the phone, we found it ideal for regular Amazon customers and found its display quality, cameras and several unique features impressive, but the phone's appeal ended there. Its user experience was marred by a fairly dull design, its heavy weight, unintuitive software and the absence of the Google Play Store.

"It just didn't resonate to the next level of masses. The phone segment is very large, and to be successful, you have to get to scale, and we were just unable to get to scale," Limp added. While the Fire phone is no longer being sold on the Amazon website, the 7-inch Fire tablet with Wi-Fi and the 6-inch Fire HD 6 are still available for £49.99 and £89.99 respectively.

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