Pokémon Go in numbers

Pokémon GO launched in the UK a couple of days ago and has already scaled its way to the top of Google Play and iOS charts.

App Annie, an App Analytics firm, has put together a list of incredible records that Pokémon GO achieved on its way to the top.

As per App Annie, Pokémon GO is now the top grossing app on iOS and Google Play app stores and is now the holder of the fastest time recorded by a new app to scale the top, beating Clash Royale in the process. Because of the record number of downloads and usage stats, Niantic Labs, the develop behind the app, is making around $1 million a day from global app stores.

While Pokémon GO is officially available only in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the UK, if the app is made available globally by its developer, then it will have the potential to earn as much as $1 billion a year. App Annie adds that for the developer to achieve this feat, they will have to resolve server issues and bring in more social and PvP features worldwide.

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"The success of Pokémon Go has been absolutely staggering. Since its release in the US and Australia, it has topped the free-to-download charts and has already generated millions in revenue for Niantic," said Nicolas Beraudo, MD EMEA at App Annie.

"It is Nintendo’s first foray into the smartphone games market and the company has done so with  arguably its biggest franchise. With this in mind, we can expect Pokémon Go to dominate the charts for several months. In fact, if Niantic Labs gives the game a worldwide presence, fixes the server issues and adds more social and PvP features, we can easily envision it making a $1bn a year. There is no guarantee that the game will buck the maturity trend, but it has the potential to do so," he added.

Recently, Niantic Labs' chief executive John Hanke said that they are planning to launch Pokémon GO in around 200 regions around the world 'relatively soon' but did not specify a timeline for the launch. The timing of the widespread launch is dependent on how soon the developer can update server capacity and sort out existing issues.

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As of now, Pokémon GO is installed in more devices in five countries than the likes of Twitter, Netflix, Spotify and Pandora and other popular gaming apps like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans. Smartphone users are also spending more time playing Pokémon GO every day than they use social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Twitter.

Pokémon GO currently has 21 million users in the United States alone and has millions of fans on other countries including the UK. While we do not have the current count of active users in the UK, what we know so far is that over half a million new players joined Pokemon GO on the EE network in the first day of the game's launch in the country. As per EE, the game has also overtaken Candy Crush Saga as the most popular mobile game of all time. Given the number of new users in the UK is rising with every passing minute, we will let you know as soon as the develop releases updated statistics for the country.

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