Women make up 47% of all smartphone gamers!

Almost half of all smartphone gamers across 12 countries in Latin America, Europe, North America and Asia are women, says a research study commissioned by Facebook.

The study also found that 71% of gamers prefer smartphones as their preferred gaming platform, followed by computers, tablets and gaming consoles.

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The revelation comes not long after a study by an App Analytics firm named App Annie found that 90% of Google Play Store's revenues since 2012 were contributed by gaming apps. A number of mobile gaming apps like Subway Surfer, Clash of Clans, Monster Strike, Puzzle & Dragons, Candy Crush Saga and Temple Run 2 have contributed to the rising popularity of games being played on smartphones and tablets.

A market research firm named TNS was recently commissioned by Facebook IQ, Facebook's data analysis division, to conduct a survey on how many people in the 18-plus age group treated their smartphones as primary gaming platforms. The study revealed that while 71% of users considered smartphones as their gaming devices, 64% still played games on computers while 34% and 26% preferred to play games on tablets and gaming consoles respectively. Given that the numbers seem jumbled, a number of smartphone users probably use different devices for gaming at the same time.

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The study was conducted across 12 countries in Latin America, Europe, North America and Asia. It also found that nearly 47% of all smartphone gamers were women and that a majority of gamers continued to play for a "sense of community and belonging." Those who subscribed to paid apps are more inclined to continue playing than those who use free apps to play. However, users of paid gaming apps may also quit easily if their community members stopped playing.

Smartphones, social media apps and now gaming apps have proved to be as popular among women as they are with men. While mobile gaming started off with high-intensity ones, various kind of games like puzzles, card games, Sudoku and quiz games are now as popular but are yet to attain the popularity of social media apps like Facebook and Twitter which are set to dominate the app market for years to come.

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