Network aces and deuces: EE take top place at Wimbledon performance

EE recorded the fastest median download speed of 16.6 Mbps at Wimbledon among the four major operators, says a study conducted by RootMetrics.

While Three was the most consistent network despite not being the fastest, Vodafone served up the fastest median upload speed.

Nearly half a million tennis fans gathered at Wimbledon last year to witness the greatest tennis tournament on the planet. With a similar number of fans thronging the 41 venues this year, it is but natural that network operators have to be at their best to offer crisp connectivity and fast data upload and download speeds to so many fans.

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The scale of the task can be measured by looking at the raw numbers from last year. While 1.6 million smartphone users downloaded the Wimbledon app, another 12 million listened to live action via Wimbledon Radio and 3.3 million Wimbledon-related tweets were posted during the tournament. Given the numbers, it is clear that those attending the event like to upload pictures and videos and download tournament-related apps, text their friends and call up their near and dear ones to tell them about their experiences. To allow hundreds of thousands of fans to make optimal usage of their subscriptions, network operators had a big task on their hands. Here are the results.

Just like in the rest of the country, EE came out tops when it came to serving the fastest download and upload speeds. EE served up 131.1 Mbps and 45.2 Mbps download and upload speeds, leaving the rest far behind. Even though EE clinched the fastest median download speeds with 16.6 Mbps, Vodafone took the honours by scoring 15.2 Mbps when it came to median upload speeds.

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However, it is obvious that a large number of fans would want to get seamless service in terms of calls, texts and data availability, rather than flip-flopping networks which peak at some locations and disappear in another. In terms of service reliability, Three emerged as the most reliable, even though its maximum speeds weren't close to those recorded by EE. Three finished with a median download speed of 6.9 Mbps, download reliability of 96 per cent and upload reliability of 96.9 per cent.

O2 fared the worst among the four operators in terms of overall rankings. The network could offer median download speed of just 2.1 Mbps and a median upload speed of 3.3 Mbps and scored  just 83.6 per cent on download reliability and 89.3 per cent on upload reliability.

In terms of overall rankings, EE and Vodafone drew at first place at Wimbledon by scoring 96 points each, followed by Three with 89.9 points and O2 finished at a distant fourth place with 74.2 points. On EE's network, you could download the Wimbledon app, which is 73.4 MB in size, in 5.2 seconds, in 6.8 seconds on Vodafone's network, in 11.9 seconds on Three's network and in 23.6 seconds on the O2 network.

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