Value security and privacy? these are the phones for you

With reports of hundreds of thousands of smartphones and tablets falling victim to malware attacks, phishing attempts and outright hacks, it is imperative for phone buyers to look for devices which will secure their devices as well as their privacy in the long run.

Here are a number of phones which you must consider if you are planning on buying secure phones with advanced encryption technologies.

Blackphone 2

Launched in September of last year, Blackphone 2 runs Silent Circle's enterprise privacy platform named PrivatOS which contains Spaces, which Silent Circle calls 'an OS-level virtualization and management solution that enables devices to be used for all aspects of mobile life without compromising choice, privacy or ease-of-use. Geared specifically for the enterprise, it keeps enterprise and personal apps.' IT administrators can now even lock or remove the 'Spaces' to protect the enterprise' privacy.

The Silent Suite in Blackphone 2 enables private and encrypted communication for negotiations and communication. It can be used in PrivatOS, iOS as well as Android operating systems. The suite also enables users to make voice and video calls in HD clarity over encrypted VoIP, send encrypted texts as well as save encrypted contacts. Once you start using the phone, not only will you be able to access the 'Silent store' app store which is a home for privacy related apps, but will also be able to secure and encrypt your calls, texts, files and contacts at all times.

iPhone 6s

Apple's iPhone 6s and 6s Plus run the company's latest iOS 9 operating system which is known to be among the world's most secure mobile platforms. With iOS 9, Apple introduced 6-digit passcodes which brought in a million password combinations, easy to set but very difficult for hackers to crack. Apple has also ensured that users have to set either a 6-digit passcode or any other passcode option before they can access their handsets.

Apple has also introduced two-factor authentication in iPhones and iPads to ensure that hackers aren't able to access your handset using browsers or other phones. Once you try to log in to your Apple account, you will be prompted to enter a verification code which only you can see in your iPhone. Once a login attempt is made, all duplicate users in different devices are automatically signed out.

BlackBerry Priv

With the departure of the BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry's all powerful BlackBerry 10 OS is on its way out, running only in Leap and Passport devices as of now. However, BlackBerry launched the Priv last year, combining its enterprise security system with the Android operating system to give buyers one of the most secure devices available in the world.

If you buy the Priv, your privacy and your phone's security will be protected by encryption keys which will apply to messages, contacts, phone calls, e-mail and your stored files. The Enterprise Mobility Management suite in the Priv offers end-to-end security, works seamlessly with the Android architecture and offers advanced device management tools to keep your phone protected at all times.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Even though Samsung's premium handsets have been victims of malware and hacking attempts in the past, the company continues to add security patches and updates it devices to the latest version of Android operating system to keep them as secure as possible.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phones, launched earlier this year, come with a slew of security features to let you rest assured that your device and your privacy are in safe hands. In terms of lock screen security, you can choose among patterns, 4-16 digit PINs, passwords and fingerprints to keep your phone secure and to keep hackers guessing on how to break in. You can also use the Smart Lock feature which will let you unlock your device through trusted Bluetooth devices, locations or voice samples. While the phone features Google's latest operating system which includes a number of new security features, you can also turn on automatic Samsung security policy updates on the phone to ensure that your phone will always remain updated even if you forget to update your device manually.


Social media messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger recently overtook texts as the dominant mode of instant messaging for the first time in history. It is thus extremely important for these platforms to feature end-to-end encryption and WhatsApp recently confirmed that it has enabled such encryption in its apps in all platforms. Thanks to such encryption standards, your WhatsApp messages are now completely secured from hackers and no one, not even WhatsApp itself, can view them even of they want to.

To enable end-to-end encryption in all its apps, WhatsApp has also announced that it is discontinuing support to a number of older operating systems like BlackBerry 10,  Windows 7.1, phones that still run Android 2.1 or 2.2 as well as older Nokia phones that still survive on the Symbian platform. These include Nokia S40 and S60 smartphones.

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