Nintendo has plans for kids with VR games and mobile game controller

Nintendo has started taking small steps into the world of virtual reality with plans including making VR kid-friendly in the future.

The company is also planning to launch 5 new gaming apps and a game controller that will work with smartphones.

Nintendo isn't in the mood to give too much attention to virtual reality and is focussed on launching new mobile gaming apps that should mirror the success of the Miitomo app. The company is also gearing up to launch a new smartphone game controller which should revolutionize the world of mobile gaming.

Earlier this year, Nintendo had launched the Miitomo mobile app which, for a short period, ruled the charts on global app stores. Given that the app no longer interests the bulk of smartphone users, Nintendo intends to launch new gaming apps like Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing and Pokemon Go, an app version of the insanely popular Pokemon master by the end of the year to keep the cycle running.

However, at the company's recent shareholder meeting, virtual reality figured in the discussions and as per Shigero Miyamoto, a veteran at Nintendo, the company is focussing its research into making the domain kid-friendly. According to Engadget, this could mean that the company's future VR games could either protect eyesight or reduce the weight of VR headsets to let children use them with ease.

Nintendo has given no indications on if it is actually working on developing VR games at the moment but has stated that it isn't that big of a topic. The company is probably willing to wait and watch how other VR games perform before stepping in. The company is not shorn of content or ideas and it is only a matter of when, and not if, Nintendo will be launching its first VR games.

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