iPhone 7 to launch with 32GB as base storage: WSJ

Apple will keep 32GB as the base storage in iPhone 7 to be launched later this year, says the Wall Street Journal.

iPhone 7 may launch with 32GB, 64GB and 256GB storage variants but iPhone 7 Plus will come with 128GB of storage as well.

Confirming several existing rumours, the Wall Street Journal drew the information from a 'person familiar with the matter' and also reported that iPhone 7 will not feature a 3.5mm headphone port, will be thinner and water resistant and will feature 'substantial camera improvements.'

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By basically keeping the base storage at 32GB, Apple will ensure that users won't feel the lack of a MicroSD slot in iPhone 7. At the same time, the 256GB variant will let you pack in as much stuff as you would otherwise store in you MacBook. It'll also be great news for those who despise the iCloud and prefer to keep their files within range even if their iPhones are not connected to the internet.

The fact that iPhone 7 may launch with 32GB of base storage was earlier reported by 9to5Mac in the middle of June. As per 9to5Mac, apart from featuring dual cameras, redesigned antenna lines and a very similar design as iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus may also feature capable A10 chips with faster CPUs and GPUs, 3GB of RAM, storage option of 256GB and will be the first iPhones to be completely waterproof. In terms of camera setup, a leaked image of a rear case of the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus suggested that the phablet may feature dual rear cameras.

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Macotakara, a Japanese tech news website, has also reported that Apple may not include the 3.5mm headphone jack in iPhone 7 but will ship the handset with 3.5mm ear pods with lightning adapters. 'At Computex Taipei 2016, many manufacturers showcased their new Lightning audio adaptors, and it seems there has been rumors that the EarPods with Remote and Mic to be included with the new iPhone 7 series will still come with its own headphone jack as usual, and that a Lightning headphone jack adaptor will also be included in the package,' said the website.

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