Did Huawei try to pass off a DSLR pic as one of their own?

Huawei recently posted a lovely picture of a model on its Google+ account, implying that it was captured using its P9 camera. It later turned out that the picture was captured using a Canon DSLR camera.

Huawei later issued a statement regretting the use of words in the caption but that they uploaded the image to inspire the P9 community.

When Huawei launched the P9, it introduced twin rear cameras that were designed and developed through a collaboration with German camera giant Leica. We did a hands-on with the P9 not too long ago and found that the cameras worked pretty well as a tag team, bringing in clarity, detail and crispness to images, especially low light ones. Each of the dual-cameras, namely the RGB and the monochrome ones, specialized in bright colour and black and white imaging respectively.

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While the media waxed lyrical over the P9 cameras, Huawei kept uploading new pictures on its social media pages to show off its masterpiece, until it overstepped the line.

Recently, the company uploaded an image on its Google+ account with the caption 'We managed to catch a beautiful sunrise with Deliciously Ella. The #HuaweiP9's dual Leica cameras makes taking photos in low light conditions like this a pleasure. Reinvent smartphone photography and share your sunrise pictures with us. #OO.'

Now every time you take a picture on your DSLR camera or your phone, a file named EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) is written to your device storage. The file lists out the date and time when a picture is taken, the size of the file, focal length, aperture, the maker of the camera and its model type. When some P9 fans, or sceptics if I may, decided to check out the EXIF behind the picture, it turned out that it was captured using a Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera. It also turns out that the specific lens which could produce this kind of quality in the picture is the Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8 L IS II USM Lens. Here's how much you will have to pay if you want to capture a beautiful sunrise with Deliciously Ella.

When the revelation started circulating on social media, Huawei was expected to come up with a statement on the issue. And they gave one to Android Police.

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'It has recently been highlighted that an image posted to our social channels was not shot on the Huawei P9. The photo, which was professionally taken while filming a Huawei P9 advert, was shared to inspire our community. We recognise though that we should have been clearer with the captions for this image. It was never our intention to mislead. We apologise for this and we have removed the image,' said Huawei.

While we aren't quite sure if other phone makers do it, Huawei is the world's third largest smartphone seller, it did a great job with the P9 as well and is thus expected to be upfront on what it can offer to the public. The company has done well by removing the image and apologizing for the error, but it remains to be seen if smartphone users will forget the slip and move or of whether they'll be more careful with trusting what they're shown.

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