Under Armour launches HealthBox suite and UA Band in UK

Under Armour is making its new UA Band fitness tracker and its HealthBox suite of products available for sale in UK starting today.

Under Armour's HealthBox suite includes a heart rate monitor, a UA Band and a UA Scale.

If you want to purchase either the band or the entire kit, you can visit Under Armour's website or HTC.com, and select retail stores in the country will start selling the products soon but no announcements in this regard have been made yet.

Under Armour's HealthBox, which costs £349, is a connected fitness system which measures, monitors and manages your fitness goals, including sleep and nutrition. By using it, says Under Armour, you will be able to achieve a holistic view of your health, exercise smarter and live longer.

The UA Band, which costs £149, is a fitness trackers which monitors not just your sleep, but also your heart rate, daily activity and workout intensity. The HealthBox suite also includes a UA Scale which can accurately measure your health, body fat percentage and how much tou have progressed towards your weight goal. Also, by wearing the UA Heart Rate chest strap, you will be able to view your heart rate in real time and will be able to achieve your fitness goals quicker by staying on track.

If you buy the HealthBox, you will need to download a free UA Record app which collects data from all these monitors and shares a consolidated chart of your sleep, workouts, nutrition levels and will help you connect with friends and athletes.

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