Spec comparison: Vodafone Smart Ultra 7 vs Honor 5c vs Alcatel POP 4

The sub-£150 smartphone market is more competitive and spec-rich than ever before. Not too long ago, we found ourselves swooning over the Honor 5c for its array of features and specifications, making us wonder why its similar-performance competitors cost at least a £100 more.

Earlier today, Vodafone launched the Smart Ultra 7 which, like the Smart Ultra 6, has surprised the mid-range phone market yet again. Costing £10 lesser than Honor 5c, it makes us believe that by paying less than £150, we can enjoy a large display, multi-task, revel in the latest Android experience and do everything that we like doing with premium phones.

We compare three new smartphones that cost less than £150 and come with the best spec-charts for their price range- the Vodafone Smart Ultra 7, the Honor 5c and the Alcatel POP 4.

Specifications          Vodafone Smart Ultra 7       Honor 5c                          Alcatel POP 4
Dimensions           152.2 x 78.12 x 8.68mm       147.1 x 73.8 x 8.3mm      151x77x 7.9mm
Display size           5.5-inch                               5.2-inch                           5-inch, 5.5-inch
Display res            1080 x 1920 pixels               1080 x 1920 pixels           1280 x 720 pixel
Fingerprint sensor  No                                      No                                    No
MicroSD slot          Yes                                     128GB                              32GB
Processor              MT6755M octa-core              Kirin 650                          MSM8909 Quad core
RAM                     2GB                                     2GB                                1GB
Storage                16GB                                   16GB                               8GB
Battery                 2,960 mAh                           3,000 mAh                       2,500 mAh
Rear camera         13MP AF                              13MP AF                           8MP AF
Front camera        5MP                                     8MP                                 5MP
Weight                 150g                                   156g                                156g
Operating system  Android 6.0                         Android 6.0                       Android 6.0
Charging port        MicroUSB                            MicroUSB                          MicroUSB

Despite being larger, the just-launched Smart Ultra 7 is lighter than both the Honor 5c and the POP 4. However, both the Smart Ultra 7 and Honor 5c ae quite comparable when it comes to battery capacity, camera resolutions, storage, RAM, display resolution and other features. Even the POP 4 lags behind in terms of storage, RAM, cameras and display resolution, it still justifies its £89.99 price tag.

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