KFC's new 'Watt a Box' includes your chicken meal and a phone charger

We've heard of Coca Cola's 12-can cardboard box turn into a virtual reality headset and also restaurants including wireless charging pads in their tables, but we've never heard of a KFC box turning into a smartphone charger.

KFC's new 'Watt a Box' chicken box comes with a 6,100 mAh Lithium-ion battery, a USB cable and an Apple Lightning cable.

The concept was launched by KFC in New Delhi and Mumbai in April and includes a £1.50 chicken box containing five pieces of chicken along with the required wiring necessary to turn it into a portable phone charger. So if your phone battery is down, what better way than to walk into a KFC outlet and treat yourself to some yummy chicken while your phone gets its juice back.

“We launched the 5-in-1 Meal Box in March this year with the objective of providing an abundant complete meal and at an affordable price for our customers," said KFC India spokesman Lluis Ruiz Ribot to The Times of India.

“With the launch of Watt a Box, we have gone a step ahead and also introduced an element of utility into the box. Each one of us spends a considerable time on our smartphones daily, and the phone battery going dead is almost like a nightmare! No longer is that the case, with the Watt a Box around,” he added.

While the concept seems to have gained popularity in India, being promoted through contests on Facebook by KFC, it will be interesting to see the box arriving in the UK soon. A study conducted in April found that 71 per cent of women and 60 per cent of men still check their mobile phones while dining. To encourage diners, a lot of restaurants now offer free Wi-Fi so that diners can not only take pictures but can post them on the web instantly. Users can also rate restaurants and share instant feedback on the quality of the food and the ambience on such restaurants' social media pages.

Back in April, McDonalds announced that they were installing Samsung Galaxy tablets in their restaurants across the UK with SOTI software to give customers an "Experience of the Future." As per The Verge, the tablets installed in McDonald's restaurants will not give you the option to order food but will give you basic access to browse the internet.

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