Brexit: Will roaming charges go up with UK out of EU?

Roaming charges are set to be completely eliminated come 2017, but since the UK will soon be out of the EU, are they set to go up again?

We take a look at what the major network operators have to say about the implications of Brexit on roaming charges in EU countries.

What we gathered from the four major operators is that Brexit won't have any impact at all on roaming charges, unless the European Union itself decides not to continue with ongoing plans. Yesterday's referendum may have paved the way for Britain to leave the EU, but to make it happen, Prime Minister Cameron will have to activate Article 50 of the EU Charter which he clearly said he won't. With Cameron set to relinquish his post after three months, even if his successor activates Article 50 immediately after taking over, the entire process will take at least a couple of years or more.

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We can thus safely assume that given roaming charges will be completely eliminated by June of next year as per existing rules, not much will happen in the period between now and then. BT, which merged with EE not too long ago, is equally optimistic.

“Customers will continue have access to our great roaming products and we have no plans to change our pricing as a result of the EU referendum, including our roaming charges. Customers can find out about all our current offers and standard rates for any destination at,” said BT.

We asked Three what they thought about the impact of Brexit on roaming charges, they said- "nobody knows- will take a long time and the legislative stuff will take a long time. Roaming has been voted on and will go through. By next year- it will be eliminated. When it comes to renegotiate, it will be tricky. If EU says that we want to revoke roaming on the continent. that will be the real reason for roaming charges to go up."

Vodafone didn't really confirm or deny if Brexit will have any impact, but said that they will stand by their customers regardless the outcome.

"The political and economic consequences of the UK's withdrawal from the EU are for others to consider now that the UK electorate has reached its decision. In terms of the implications for Vodafone, each of our country businesses operates as a standalone entity able to adapt to a wide range of local conditions. As we said before the referendum, we remain committed to supporting our UK customers regardless as to the outcome, now and in the future," said Vodafone.

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As for the tech industry, the outcome of yesterday's referendum was disappointing, given that 70 per cent of TechUK members were in favour of remain. However, the industry is confident that the future of UK tech is still bright.

"My view is that the core attributes that make the UK Tech sector so strong and attractive remain in place, including an amazing talent base that has a long track record of creativity such as Alan Turing’s first working computer to Tim Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web. Add to that the great infrastructure and facilities; first class universities, a stable legal system; appropriate fiscal incentives; and an ecosystem of advisors that support the needs of tech companies," said Tudor Aw, head of technology sector at KPMG UK.

"Technology is a sector that will only increase in importance and works without borders, I therefore continue to see the UK Tech sector as one that will not only withstand the immediate challenges of the referendum result, but one that will continue to grow and thrive,” he added.

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