Coming soon! a smartphone display that only you can see

Wouldn't it be just great if you could prevent others from viewing what's going on in your phone's display?

A Turkish inventor has invented a new iPhone display that can be viewed only through special glasses.

If Celal Goger's invention comes to fruition, your iPhone's display would appear white to the naked eye, but if you wear a pair of glasses that come with the display, you will be able to view it clearly. The best part about the display is that you can keep away prying eyes from staring at you're chatting with or what apps you're using.

Goger was motivated to build the new iPhone display after he felt uncomfortable with people staring at his iPhone when he took public transport. 'Someone's phone is a very personal item and I think it is extremely disrespectful when other people stare at it,' he said.

Goger basically used a chip to make the display appear white and used another chip on a pair of glasses to connect them with the phone. This way, the real display was visible only to the wearer.

'When I finished my invention I started telling people about it but nobody believed me. They thought it must be some kind of magic trick until they saw my invention which left them absolutely gobsmacked!" he added. Goger has not yet revealed how the display works or the technology behind it. However, he said that had he been born in the UK, he would have received a lot more support to take his project forward and would have begun mass producing his invention by now. We think somebody needs to tell him about Kickstarter.

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  1. Guest
    Guest12th Sep 2016

    This is not an invention, and this could be done to LCD displays on smartphones, PC monitors, TVs and even bucket calculators.

  2. Guest
    Guest12th Sep 2016

    This is not an invention, as all displayed such as smartphone, TVs, PC Monitors and even LCD calculators use this old technology. It seem that the inv...

  3. Guest
    Guest17th Aug 2016

    Isn't this just the missing polarization layer? Can be achieved with any LCD Display.. simply remove the polarization layer, and put on normal polariz...

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