Will the iPhone 7 be worth queueing for?

While the usual excitement that precedes new iPhones launches is probably stronger this season than in the the last, rummours and leaks on upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets suggest Apple fans may get a raw deal this time.

To begin with, much has been said about Samsung and LG manufacturing millions of new OLED displays for future iPhones and even Apple bagging a patent for a 360-degree wraparound curved display, these will probably feature in either iPhone 7s launching next year or in iPhone 8 which will launch the year after. So what exactly will the upcoming iPhone 7 feature which should excite fans and drive up demand?

There have been several conflicting reports in terms of camera setup, the home button, the 3.5mm headphone jack and the form factor of iPhone 7 which basically leave us in no position to visualize the upcoming handset. While most of the analysts agree that Apple will maintain 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch size factors in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, this will make the new handsets look similar to iPhones launched in the last two years and may not be 'the real thing' that customers are looking for. At the same time, the confusion among tech reporters and experts on whether iPhone 7's Lightning port will work like a headphone jack or whether users will need to connect their headphones to the port through an adaptor is also doing no favour to either Apple or prospective buyers of its handsets.

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In terms of camera setup, a leaked image of a rear case of the upocoming iPhone 7 Plus suggested that the phablet may feature dual rear cameras. As per 9to5Mac, apart from featuring dual cameras, redesigned antenna lines and a very similar design as iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus may also feature capable A10 chips with faster CPUs and GPUs, 3GB of RAM, storage option of 256GB and will be the first iPhones to be completely waterproof. However, several other reports have suggested that the dual-camera setup will be limited only to iPhone 7 Plus models.

Apart from these upgrades, Apple is reportedly bringing wireless charging to iPhones as well. As per Bloomberg, the wireless charging technologies being developed by Apple will let you charge your iPhone without having to resort to charging mats. This means that you'll be able to charge your iPhone just like you use Hotspot to browse the internet using different devices placed away from each other. However, the Cupertino giant will need to overcome a few challenges like loss of power over distance. The Bloomberg report also adds that Apple is still assessing the decision to implement the technology given the hurdles it needs to meet in the process. That being the case, our vote is on wireless charging debuting with iPhone 7S instead of iPhone 7, if it ever does.

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Apple is also reportedly funding a UK-based fuel-cell maker named Intelligent Energy which is working on a hydrogen-powered fuel cell which will enable handset to run for a week without recharging. As per the Daily Mail, the firm has been hands in glove with Apple on the project since 2014. We would be pleasantly surprised if iPhone 7 does arrive with a week-long battery life, but won't get our hopes up at the moment.

While Apple remains highly secretive about new technologies that come with its iPhones, rumours and leaks keep buyers informed on what they should expect in future iPhones. The fact that Apple will retain form factors of existing iPhones and may not do much in terms of display technology, cameras or even the overall design will surely disappoint users who are expecting Apple to bring in a revolutionary iPhone that would stand apart from existing ones.

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