Turn your Android phone into a Nintendo console with this case

A new Android case named the Smart Boy Development Kit can turn your smartphone into a handheld console to play Game Boy games.

The case attaches itself to smartphones through a microUSB port and is compatible with phone running Android 4.4 Kit Kat and later versions.

Developed by Hyperkin Lab, the Smart Boy Developer Kit is currently a work in progress but is expected to ship from December onwards. An open source serial app and firmware, it is presently being improved and modified by a number of developers and is compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges. Once developers are done testing and upgrading it, the firmware will go though a final round of product testing at Hyperkin Lab before being made available for release.

Even though you may not own a Smart Boy Android case until December, you can pre-order one by paying an equivalent of $60 but do make sure that your phone features a microUSB port. These ports are currently going out of fashion and are being replaced by USB Type-C ports, especially in premium smartphones. The Smart Boy kit is also compatible with Android phones with 5-inch to 6-inch displays.

The Smart Boy case has that retro 1980s look and feel and will be able to run all Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Colour Cartridges games once released. It features a D pad as well as keys that handheld console-players are well-acquainted with. We're sure that once it launches, a number of former console players would love to give Smart Boy a try.

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