Misfit launches Shine 2 Swimmer's Edition tracker for swimmers

Misfit and Speedo have launched Misfit Speedo Shine 2 Swimmer's Edition, a new wearable designed to help swimmers track their swimming activities and sleep.

Misfit Speedo Shine 2 Swimmer's Edition costs just £89.99 and is available to purchase on the Misfit website.

Shine 2 Swimmer's Edition can track swimmers' lap counts with great precision for all stroke types, offer reminders and help with instant feedback on activities through a vibration motor and multicolour lights. The rainbow-coloured lights not only help swimmers view the progress of an activity but also tell the time. The tracker also comes with a countdown swim timer which vibrates when an activity is completed and can send vibe alarms through text and notifications.

“Whether you’re training competitively or swimming for fitness, you want your focus to be on speed and form – not tracking laps. With the Speedo Shine 2, you can concentrate on your efforts in the pool without distractions. Speedo Shine 2 is an ideal aid for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to maximise their time in the water while keeping track of their overall fitness and sleep,” said Cullen Jones, Olympic medallist and Team Speedo USA athlete.

The new Shine 2 Swimmer's Edition tracker can also work as a remote, selfie trigger, presentation clicker or as a button to activate or to turn off smart home devices through Misfit Link compatibility. It brings in an extended Bluetooth range, improved tough responsiveness and faster syncing compared to its predecessor, the Speedo Shine tracker. While using Speedo Shine 2, you will need to purchase swim tracking and lap counting technology on the Misfit app to make it work.

Apart from Swimming, Speedo Shine 2 can also track other activities like walking, running, cycling, and light and deep sleep. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminium and is water-resistant to 50 metres, making it suitable for diving as well. You can purchase the tracker on misfit.com, SpeedoUSA.com and speedo.com for just £89.99.

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