Samsung's Gear S3 smartwatch Solis, in the works

Samsung is reportedly developing Solis, a successor to the popular Gear S2 smartwatch and which will be based on Tizen OS.

Like with the Gear S2, Samsung has yet again shunned Android Wear as it prepares to launch another premium smartwatch featuring TizenOS.

Existing rumours, particularly from Sammobile, suggest that Solis will launch with a circular display given that the Spanish meaning of Solis is sun. Also, smartwatches like Samsung's own Gear S2 and the Moto 360 owe their popularity to their circular design which blend advanced smartwatch technology with classic watch designs.

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At the moment, Solis is being developed in the form of five different variants, namely named SM-R760, SM-R765, SM-R770, SM-R765V, and SM-R765S. Sammobile speculates that two of these models will be carrier variants and will launch with SIM-support. Sadly, there are no leaked images or specifications available in the web which could give us an indication about the capabilities of Solis or how it will look like.

The fact that Solis, or the future Samsung Gear S3, will launch with TizenOS doesn't really surprise us. Last month, a few Samsung executives  told Fast Company that no Android Wear devices are currently in development or being planned by Samsung. They said that this is because TizenOS offers far better battery efficiency than Android Wear, making Samsung's wearables last longer.

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Samsung has officially dismissed such comments and has stressed that  it has made no such announcements and it is equally committed to all platforms. Samsung's denial of their comments means that the company may still keep a window open for Android Wear to jump in if TizenOS doesn't really impress wearable users in the long run. As of now, TizenOS is slowly spreading among Samsung wearables, smart TVs, refrigerators and smartphones and Samsung is willing to invest on it. Almost all Samsung wearables run TizenOS, including the flagship Gear S2 smartwatch, so we can assume that what the executives told Fast Company was pretty accurate.

Reports about the development of Samsung's next premium smartwatch also comes just a day after news leaked on Apple ordering 'higher than expected' Apple Watches ahead of an expected September launch and that Apple is planning to sell two million Apple Watches every month.

As per Digitimes, the timing of the overwhelming orders for the second-generation Apple Watch suggests that Apple may launch the wearable alongside the iPhone 7 in September. Apple Watch will be powered by watchOS 3 which was launched by Apple a couple of days ago. Digitimes claims that the info was sources from people involved in the supply chain.

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