OnePlus 3 launch: All you need to know

OnePlus has finally launched OnePlus 3, offering a flagship phone for the first time without specific invitations.

OnePlus 3 comes with premium specifications and is now available completely unlocked for just £309.

What is so unique about the OnePlus 3?

First of all, you will, for the first time, be able to purchase a flagship phone from OnePlus without waiting for invitations. The phone will also be completely unlocked and also features an unlocked bootloader for added flexibility.

OnePlus 3 to launch on June 14; no invites this time

Despite featuring an OxygenOS custom OS based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, OnePlus 3 surprisingly comes with no added bloatware, which also means that the custom OS may actually help you customise rather than taking up precious storage space in your device. At the same time, the phone won't tie you down with carrier contracts and you will be able to use it with flexible SIM-only contracts from any operator for any period of time. Thanks to the phone's Dual NANO SIM support, you will be able to use two networks at a time as well.

What are its specifications?

Despite its price being equivalent to most mid-range phones, a look at the specifications of OnePlus 3 will make you realise that it easily fits the bill of a premium smartphone. The phone comes with an impressive 6GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 820 processor offering up to 2.2 GHz of power, a 5.5-inch Full HD Optic AMLOED display and a 16MP rear camera with HD Mode, Auto HDR and Dynamic De-noise along with Optical Image Stabilization and Electronic Image Stabilization. It also features a powerful 3,000 mAh battery which can be boosted with OnePlus' Dash Charge technology which replenishes more than 60% of the phone's battery in 30 minutes.

OnePlus challenges upcoming flagships, sells 64GB OnePlus 2 for just £249

The phone is also just 7.3mm thick and is made from space-grade aluminium alloy which offers a comfortable grip and combines soft curves at the edges with sharp lines.

How much will it cost?

OnePlus 3 costs £309 and you can buy one from The phone will also be available in several pop-up stores in London starting today.   

"We’re releasing the OnePlus 3 invite-free, right from launch day. In addition, invites are gone forever from future OnePlus product launches," said OnePlus in a blog post published earlier. "It’s a big step for us as a company, our fans, and fellow tech enthusiasts. After sending out millions of invites over the past two years, it’s hard to not think back to the early days and how far we’ve come. We’re proud to have reached a point where we feel confident in making our new device available without invites from day one," the company added.

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