Microsoft and Sony no longer in list of top 12 global smartphone makers

Samsung and Apple will continue to be the top two global smartphone makers in 2016, followed by Chinese phone makers like Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi.

A report by research analysis firm IC Insights reveals the Microsoft and Sony have dropped out from the list of top twelve global phone makers.

The report reveals that while Samsung and Apple sold 323 million and 231.6 million smartphones respectively last year, they sold 81.5 million and 51.6 million phones in the first quarter of this year, and if the trend continues, will sell 320 million and 225 million phones this year, registering a yearly drop of 1 per cent and 3 per cent respectively.

However, Huawei, which sold 104.8 million smartphones last year, sold 28.9 million phones in Q1 of  this year and is expected to sell 135 million phones in the calendar year, thus registering an increase of an impressive 29 per cent in annual sales. However, the star of the group is Oppo which has replaced Xiaomi to become the fourth largest phone maker in the world, registering 16.1 million phone sales in Q1 compared to 14.8 million sold by the latter and has registered a 54 per cent growth in sales over last year.



An Indian phone maker named Micromax has also entered the list of top twelve global smartphone makers along with Meizu and TCL of China, relegating the likes of Microsoft, Sony and CoolPad from the list. Meizu and Micromax sold 20.2 and 14.4 million smartphones in 2015 and also sold 5.5 million and 5 million phones in Q1 of 2016, the latter registering a YoY growth of 74 per cent. Despite launching premium Windows 10 devices, Microsoft could sell only 2.3 million units in Q1 and Sony managed to sell 3.4 million units in the same period.

On the other hand, Chinese phone makers like Xiaomi and Lenovo registered a slowdown in global smartphone sales. 'Xiaomi, a real “high-flyer” in smartphone sales in 2013 and 2014 saw its growth slow to 16% last year.  While a 16% growth rate is still very commendable, its sales of about 71 million smartphones last year was well below the company’s earlier stated goal of shipping 100 million smartphones in 2015,' said the report.

At the same time, Lenovo could sell only 10.9 million phones in Q1 and as per projections, will suffer a 26 per cent drop in smartphone sales compared to last year. Korean phone maker LG will also witness a 5 per cent slow down in sales this year.

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