Apple wins patent for an iPhone with 360-degree wraparound curved display

Apple has just won a patent for a landmark iPhone design featuring a 360-degree wraparound curved display.

The patent was submitted by Apple in 2011 and described a new device with 'a transparent housing and a flexible display.'

The patented drawings indicate an old iPhone design with a 30-pin connecter which is associated with iPhone 4S and older devices. They show a wraparound display with thin bezels at the top and bottom edges and do not include a home button, which means that the entire display will be embedded with Touch ID for which Apple has already secured a patent.

Apple to debut curved display with 5.8" iPhone 7S!

'A large majority of portable electronic devices have settled into a standard form factor; namely a flat planar form factor with a display on one side and an opaque housing which contains the electrical components covering the rear surface of the device,' mentioned Apple in the patent notes.

'Unfortunately, this popular form factor, leaves the sides and rear surfaces of the device unused or at best configured with buttons and switches with fixed location and functionality. Since many of these buttons and switches have fixed functionality they cannot always be incorporated into third party applications. Therefore, there exists a need for an improved form factor for portable electronic devices which allows functionality to extend to more than one surface of the device,' the company added.

Smartphone displays have not only become more refined in terms of resolution over the years, but have also started appearing in various devices in curved or bent form factors. While the LG G Flex and G Flex 2 phones introduced vertically-curved displays, Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S7 Edge phones featured displays that curved at the edges and contained widgets and notifications. However, if Apple does commercialize the recently-granted patent, it would revolutionise the smartphone display genre.

100 million iPhone displays to be made by...Samsung!

As of now, Apple is directing its resources towards developing OLED displays which may feature in its iPhones launching next year. Back in April, The Wall Street Journal's Chinese website reported that Samsung bagged a deal to manufacture 100 million OLED displays for an iPhone to be launched next year. According to 9to5Mac, the deal is worth close to $2.59 billion which means Samsung will earn close to quarter of a billion dollars each year from the deal.

Industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also suggested not too long ago that iPhone 7S which will launch in the Fall of 2017 will arrive with a glass body and will sport a curved OLED display with smaller side bezels than those in iPhone 6s display. Apple has also opened a development lab in Taiwan whose sole purpose is to create future iPhone displays that will be thinner yet brighter and sharper than the existing ones.

Image courtesy: 9to5Mac

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