All you need to know about iOS 10, macOS Sierra and watchOS 3

Apple hosted its much-awaited Worldwide developer conference in California today, unveiling its new iOS 10, macOS Sierra and watchOS platforms.

Apple has introduced iOS 10, watchOS and macOS Sierra with a range of features and capabilities.

Here's a round-up of Apple's major announcements at its Worldwide Developer conference which will run through June 17 and the first day of which concluded moments ago.

watchOS 3

Apple has decided to make Apple Watch apps more responsive and intuitive with watchOS 3. Once you download the new OS, you will be able to make a list of your favourite apps and they will respond instantly once you check on them. Pressing the side button below the crown in your Apple Watch will let you scroll through apps as well.

Apple has also introduced a new Control Centre which will let you slide up from the bottom of the watch face to view helpful information like battery status, airplane mode, Wi-Fi connectivity and a few others. By sliding down from the top of the watch face, you will also be able to respond to messages through smart replies. A new feature named Scribble makes it easy to type messages as well.

In terms of new watch face designs, Apple has introduced Minnie Mouse with a variety of colours as well as a number of watch faces with numerals. Switching through watch face options is now easier than ever and you can do so by pressing the side button below the crown. watchOS 3 will also enable you to perform functions on the Apple Watch like checking reminders, hailing a cab, checking fitness data and finding friends with great ease. Apple Watch can now call emergency services directly as well and can notify your emergency contacts. You can also view your Medical ID on the Watch.

A new feature in watchOS 3 named Activity sharing will let you swipe to right of activity rings and compare activity stats with friends. You can now check daily step count and workout data of third parties, can send custom texts to friends at the end of an activity and can send audio messages as well. Apple has also partnered with Challenged Athletes foundation and Wheelchair Foundation to bring in activity metrics specially for wheelchair users. Cupertino has also introduced a new Breathe App which will guide you through simple deep breathing sessions. At the end of each session, it will give you a session summary and heart rate count as well.

macOS Sierra

Apple has decided to do away with the OS X naming convention and has decided to use the term macOS for all future operating system versions specifically built for Mac devices. The just-launched macOS Sierra comes with an automatic unlock feature to let you unlock your Macs using the Apple Watch. It has also come with a new feature named Universal Clipboard using which you will be able to access all of your desktop files on other Macs as well as in iPads and iPhones.

Apple has also brought in Optimised Storage which will automatically transfer old files, photos and videos to iCloud to make space for your new files in case the amount of storage left in your Mac is too less to take in any more data. MacOS Sierra will also let you pay on the web with Apple Pay button app. Once it will ask you to confirm a payment, you can do so through Touch ID on your iPhone. Through the new Picture in Picture setting, you can move pictures and videos from a window to main screen which will work even if you switch between windows.

Apple also announced the entry of Siri to Macs. In Macs, Siri can find e-mails, play music and search the web for images. Images from Siri's web search can be dragged into documents. Siri can also find movies, play trailers and send texts to friends, and all Siri results can be pinned to notifications panel.

iOS 10

Apple launched iOS 10 with a view to enrich user experience and to offer expanded use of 3D Touch among other upgrades. Using 3D Touch, you can respond to messages directly, clear all notifications with a tap and also view live data from all apps and add it to widgets.

Siri for iPhone now supports a number of third party apps like WeChat, Slack, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Shutterfly, MapMyRun, Funtastic and Runkeeper. With iOS 10, you will be able to ask Siri to send a WeChat or WhatsApp message to any friend and Siri can also help you make VoIP calls on Skype. Through QuickType, Siri's intelligence has been integrated with the keyboard and it will now make longer suggestions instead of single words.

Apple has also made several changes to the Photos app. You will be able to see all your photos on a map and the Memories feature will arrange all your photos based on topics. It will show highlights of trips, map of location, related memories and make movies by merging photos and videos. While sharing, you can choose between long and short ones to save data and change the background music in every video based on your mood during your trips.

Apple Maps has also undergone a major upgrade and now features an all new design. While using it on iOS 10, you can slide up from bottom to see suggestions like nearby restaurants and theatres and can choose your favourite restaurants using the Categories menu. The new Quick Controls feature will also let you check gas stations and restaurants on your route. You can make reservations in restaurants inside Apple Maps, hire cabs and see where your cab is after you have hired one.

Apple Music, which how has over 15 million paid subscribers, has also undergone a design overhaul. It now features a Black and white theme where only colours of albums and tracks will show up. The new design will also let you play music, access controls and view lyrics on the same page. The For You category now includes Discovery Mix which contains songs picked just for you, including recently played ones and daily curated playlists. The new Browse feature will let you search for new music, curated lists, top charts and Beats1 Radio will let you listen to featured shows and upcoming shows as well.

Apple News has brought in over 2,000 publishers in its fold and boasts 60 million monthly users. To make it even better for you, Apple has introduced breaking news notifications and will let you subscribe to publications inside the app itself without having to download their individual apps.

Apple also introduced a new app called Home which shows personalised wallpaper and all smart home accessories and their controls. Using the app, you will be able to turn on your light, adjust dimmer, adjust thermostat and lock  doors. Siri is compatible with the Home app and will let you access live feed of intercom on the lock screen of your iPhone.

Probably the best upgrades Apple has introduced today have come to the Messages app. The app will feature rich links, larger pictures and will let you play videos inside messages. Emojis in the app are now three times bigger after you type a message, if you press the emoji button, words that have equivalent Emojis will get highlighted and you will be able to turn them into Emojis. The new update also enables handwritten messages and also allows Apple Music links to play inside Messages.

Apple also announced the introduction of split view in Safari on iPads as well as reiterated end-to-end encryption in all apps, including FaceTime and Messages, through which you send or receive data.

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