Apple WWDC 2016: 7 things to expect

Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference will be significant not only for new iOS upgrades, but also if they will be enough to revive Apple's waning fortunes.

It is believed that Apple may make Siri universal by incorporating it with third party apps and introducing it to Mac devices.

Here are seven things that we should expect Apple to announce at its Worldwide developer Conference. The event will take place from today through June 17 in San Francisco, California, and will start at 6PM GMT today.


Given that Apple will introduce iOS 10 at the event, we are expecting Siri to be upgraded with many new features, most of which are not known to us at the moment. Apple has a penchant for springing surprises at its annual events, but it has not escaped our attention that Apple is set to allow developers to integrate Siri with their apps, which will surely be an experience iOS device users wouldn't like to miss out on.

At the same time, Apple will announce a new version of OS X for Macs at the developer conference, a development which will enable Mac computers and laptops to run Siri for the first time ever. Siri has already established its presence in the Apple Watch as well as in Apple TV, and its entry in the world of Macs will complete its presence across the entire Apple ecosystem. As per 9to5Mac, Siri will neither appear as a swipe menu nor as a full screen view like in iPhones and iPads, but will appear as an icon in the top right corner of the Mac's menu bar.

WatchOS 3

While it is generally known that Apple will not announce Apple Watch 2 at the conference, Apple Insider claims that Cupertino may launch Apple Watch 2 featuring "spec improvements with limited changes to form factor design." Apple is also expected to launch WatchOS 3, thereby incorporating a flurry of new features in the Apple Watch which are present in existing Android Wear and TizenOS platforms.

The new watchOS will empower Apple Watch 2 to field new features like a video camera for FaceTime conversations, a new wireless chipset that will let you connect it with available Wi-Fi networks and a new Find my Watch feature that a lost Apple Watch 2 can be traced through Wi-Fi router triangulation technology instead of the traditional GPS.

iMessage for Android

Along with Siri, Apple is also set to give its popular iMessage platform a mighty push by introducing it to Android devices. It is believed that iMessage for Android will feature similar end-to-end encryption as in iOS devices which will make them much harder to be cracked. To send an iMessage, an Android device will need to be connected to the internet, whether cellular or Wi-Fi and iMessages can be exchanged between both phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

As per reports, Apple may also be planning to link Apple Pay with iMessage to let users send person-to-person payments via iMessage. However, the chances for this feature to be announced at the developer conference are dim as rumours on this feature have been few and far between and there has been no official statement on this by Apple so far.

Apple Music

Apple is also expected to announce new upgrades to the Apple Music platform, thereby making it 'more intuitive to use' than it is now. Among the usual upgrades, what we already know is that Beats 1 Radio will benefit the most from the overhaul. The service is set to become more intuitive with changes in features like settings, download options and syncing.

According to 9to5Mac, the new version of Apple Music 'focuses on a redesigned user-interface, a few new functions, and reorganization as well as simplification of existing features. The new user-interface ditches the current colorful and translucent look in favor of a simpler design that emphasizes black and white backgrounds and text.' Uses will also be able to use the integrated 3D Touch function to view shortcut previews and share songs with other users.

iOS 10

To power upcoming iPhone 7 and 7s handsets, Apple will also launch iOS 10 at WWDC which will also be available to a range of older iPhone and iPad models. Among the new features that iOS 10 will bring is one which will let you hide native iOS apps in your iPhone which you never used. These apps included Stocks, Tips, Find Friends and iBooks which are among the lesser-used native iOS apps.

However, all native apps will not come with this option. As per Apple CEO Tim Cook, there are apps that are linked to other programmes in iOS and if they are removed, might cause issues elsewhere on the phone. "It’s not that we want to suck up your real estate; we’re not motivated to do that. We want you to be happy. So I recognize that some people want to do this, and it’s something we’re looking at,” he said to BuzzFeed.

App Store upgrades

Apple will also announce a major upgrade to the App Store which will include  a new subscription model as well as a new revenue sharing model with developers. In an interview with The Verge, Phil Schiller, Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, said that the upcoming updates to the App Store will not only benefit developers, but also end users who will be able to subscribe to many new product categories, including games. Owners of the latest iOS devices, except iPhone SE, will also be able to share or recommend apps with friends and colleagues through a new 3D Touch menu.

According to Schiller, Apple will also increase the speed and frequency at which it reviews new apps. As per its new policy, the Cupertino giant will review at least 50 per cent of all submitted apps in the first 24 hours and 90 per cent of them within the first 48 hours.

Apple Pay

There's no reason for us to assume that when all other iOS features are going through a steady upgrade process, Apple Pay will stay where it is. The contactless payment platform is set to feature new functionality which will let you send money to a friend by tapping your phones together and withdraw money from ATMs. Apple Pay may also launch in a number of uncovered regions, details of which will be announced at the developer conference.

Like we stated before, Apple may also integrate Apple Pay with iMessage to let you send person-to-person payments via iMessage. How this mechanism will work and how fool-proof it will be are expected to be announced at the event.

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