Why the Moto Z is the modular phone the LG G5 couldn't be

Lenovo launched its 2016 flagship Moto Z last night, bringing in yet another premium modular phone after LG G5 hit the streets earlier this year.

Dubbed the slimmest premium phone in the world, Moto Z is also the first to not to feature a 3.5mm jack.

Lenovo launched the Moto Z and its stronger sibling Moto Z Force last night, marking a shift from the Moto G which has so far been the flagship model for the brand. Moto G is just 5.9mm in thickness and features a 5.5-inch Quad HD AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 2,600 mAh battery, 13MP and 5MP cameras and 32GB and 64GB internal storage options.

However, the standout feature of Moto Z is its modular nature. You will be able to attach a host of accessories funnily named Moto Mods™ which can be attached to the back of Moto Z with the help of integrated magnets. As of now, Moto Mods™ include a Moto Insta-Share projector, a JBL SoundBoost speaker and Incipio offGRID™ Power Pack.

While LG also introduced an extra modular battery which could double the battery life of G5, you need to turn off the G5 while replacing the battery which is a time consuming affair. With Moto Z, you can easily attach the power pack without having to turn off Moto Z or removing the original battery. The power pack looks like a pretty back cover, adds 22 hours of battery life and is also light on your pocket.

Popular accessories that were announced with the G5, apart from the modular battery, included LG 360 Cam which let you take 360-degree photos and videos and LG 360 VR which offered a resolution of 639 ppi and which could simulate a 130-inch TV viewed from two meters away. However, these modular accessories, marketed as Friends of the G5, attach themselves to the G5 in a rather clunky way and the slots aren't user friendly either. On the other hand, the modular accessories to Moto Z can attach themselves easily to the back of the phone with the help of powerful magnets, letting you use them with as much ease as you would use an internal component of the phone. Gone are also the days when you would have to switch off your phone and turn it back on if you feel like using a modular accessory.

Even though a majority of us phone buyers haven't really embraced the concept of modular smartphones, our heads could be turned if these modules offer cheap, light-weight and essential functionality to premium phones which are in any case a hundred times better than the phones we used a couple of years ago. With Moto Mods, Lenovo has surely revolutionized the concept and embraced the fact that ease of usage at a reasonable cost is what really matters to the end user.

Apart from the modular design, yet another pioneering feature of Moto Z is the absence of a 3.5mm headphone jack. Instead, you will need to use a separate Type-C connector to listen to music on the Moto Z. Recently, JBL launched a new headphone, named Reflect Aware C, which uses the Type-C port for both audio and power and gets charged by any smartphone it is connected with. Launched at the same time as the HTC 10, it will work with all premium smartphones and tablets with USB Type-C ports. You can either use JBL's Reflect Aware C or a Type-C connector which will be supplied by Lenovo along with the Moto Z.

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