Apple's App Store updates: All you need to know

Apple's App Store will undergo a major upgrade come June 13th when Apple will host its annual Worldwide Developer Conference.

The list of changes to the App Store will include a new subscription model as well as a new revenue sharing model with developers.

In an interview with The Verge, Phil Schiller, Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, said that the upcoming updates to the App Store will not only benefit developers, but also end users who will be able to subscribe to many new product categories, including games. Owners of the latest iOS devices, except iPhone SE, will also be able to share or recommend apps with friends and colleagues through a new 3D Touch menu.

What is Apple's WWDC and what to expect from it

By introducing the subscription model, which is presently applicable to just news and magazine apps, to many new product categories, Apple will ensure that developers will benefit from a continuous stream of revenue, which will enable them to refine their apps and develop advanced apps in the future. By subscribing to apps, end users will also stick to apps for longer periods than they do with free apps or apps with in-app purchases involved.

Apple is also set to introduce display ads in the App Store at WWDC next week. This will mean that if developers pay a certain amount, their apps will be more visible to iOS and Mac OS X users than others in their product categories. While start up developers may find it difficult to invest more resources, established apps will be able to consolidate their popularity and visibility through the new feature which is also expected to bring in a healthy revenue to Apple.

Siri for Macs set to debut with Apple's next OS X update this June

According to Schiller, Apple will also increase the speed and frequency at which it reviews new apps. As per its new policy, the Cupertino giant will review at least 50 per cent of all submitted apps in the first 24 hours and 90 per cent of them within the first 48 hours.

Apple is also expected to launch iOS 10 at WWDC which will also be available to a range of older iPhone and iPad models and will power upcoming iPhone 7 and 7 Plus handsets. Among the new features that iOS 10 will bring is one which will let you hide native iOS apps in your iPhone which you never used. These apps included Stocks, Tips, Find Friends and iBooks which are among the lesser-used native iOS apps.

Thanks to a new OS X upgrade which may be unveiled at WWDC, Apple's Macs will also be able to feature Siri for the first time ever. In Macs, Siri will neither appear as a swipe menu nor as a full screen view like in iPhones and iPads, but will appear as an icon in the top right corner of the Mac's menu bar.

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