Samsung Gear Fit2 and Gear IconX: All you need to know

Samsung has been an established player in the fitness wearables market and the company now seeks to boost its presence with the launch of new Gear Fit2 and Gear IconX wearables.

While the Gear Fit2, like its predecessor, is a GPS sports band, the Gear IconX is a cord-free fitness earbud which will help you with feedback on your fitness regimen.

Gear Fit2 will come with a curved 1.5-inch Super AMOLED display, an  inbuilt GPS and a heart rate sensor, essential for real-time fitness tracking and will also feature a slim light-weight design, an Auto Activity Tracking feature which will activate itself once you begin a new workout session and a standalone music player which will let you match your workouts with music without needing a smartphone to serve the purpose.

Going by the new technologies in the Gear Fit2, it seems Samsung aims to merge its fitness tracking technologies with new smart capabilities which are largely automated and will not need your manual intervention to function. Gear Fit2 will also let you compete with your friends by providing 'Step Challenges' and will let you transfer your fitness data to other fitness applications, probably those made by Samsung.

Gear IconX, a cord-free wearable which can attach itself to your ear, is a chatty device which will keep giving you fitness information as well as updates on your ongoing fitness regimen. Syncing with S Health, a common feature among all Samsung fitness wearables, it can track data like distance, speed, duration, heart rate and calories burned.

Once you place a Gear IconX in your ear, it will activate instantly and apart from giving you fitness information, will also enable a standalone music listening experience. It comes with sufficient internal storage to accommodate up to 1,000 songs and you will be able to change tracks by swiping the earbuds.

Gear IconX will come with a 47 mAh battery but you will be able to charge it regularly using a 3155 mAh charging case. The device also features an accelerometer, a heart rate sensor, capacitative touch and Bluetooth connectivity.

While Gear Fit2 will be available from 10th June onwards, the Gear IconX will be available from July onwards.

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