BT offers big discounts with three new pay monthly plans

BT has launched a range of pay monthly mobile deals to let subscribers get their hands around the latest phones while enjoying meaty discounts in the first three months.

BT's three new pay monthly deals offer unlimited texts and up to 15GB of 4G data every month.

Starting from £20 a month, BT's new pay monthly deals will come with additional discounts for existing users of BT's home broadband and will also let users access as many as five million BT Wi-Fi hot-spots around the country. Using the BT mobile app, customers will also be able to view usage alerts, how much minutes or data they have consumed and how much is left.

BT bigs up mobile internet with three new plans

At the same time, all Android phone users can now use BT mobile SIM data for tethering and the same feature will be available for iOS users soon. BT's mobile SIMs will also come with parental control settings and will allow parents to set either Strict or Light filters whichever they deem appropriate.

If you wish to buy a BT pay monthly SIM, you will get to choose among three plans whose cost will depend upon the phones they will come with. The basic plan includes 400 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of 4G data, the medium plan will offer 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of 4G data and the premium plan will offer unlimited minutes and texts and 15GB of 4G data.

Existing BT broadband users will be able to enjoy a monthly discount of £5 on their plans no matter what phones they buy or what plans they choose. To entice new buyers further, BT is offering additional three-month discounts on premium phones if people buy these plans before July 7th. If you buy an Apple iPhone 6, then instead of paying £36 a month, you will need to pay only £21 a month for the first three months. At the same time, if you buy a Galaxy S6 with any of the three new pay monthly plans, you will need to pay only  £16 a month for the first three months instead of paying £36 a month.

BT's takeover of EE: What it means for you

For those who want to buy a mid-range phone along with a BT pay monthly plan, BT is also offering 50 per cent discounts for the first six months for Samsung Galaxy A3. Instead of paying £20 a month, buyers will need to pay just £10 a month for the first six months.

“Just over a year ago we launched some of the UK’s best value SIM-only offers from just £5 a month. Now we’re going one step further with our fantastic value pay monthly mobile phone contracts with extra savings for loyal BT broadband customers. We’re offering great deals on great phones, 4G on the UK's biggest network with unlimited access to the most extensive wi-fi coverage via more than five million BT Wi-fi hotspots. Plus until 7th July you can get discounts of up to 50 per cent for six months,” said John Petter, chief executive of BT Consumer.

BT banks on improved data speeds to justify price hike across services

Back in March of last year, BT introduced three new 12-month mobile internet data deals offering 4G data, unlimited access to over 5 million Wi-Fi hotspots, access to Barclays Premier League matches on the BT Sport app and spending caps on all tariffs with prices starting at £5.

By paying only £5 a month, buyers could avail 500MB worth of 4G data, unlimited texts and 200 minutes. By paying £12, they could avail 2GB worth 4G data, unlimited texts and 500 minutes. The premium £20 a month plan offered 20GB of 4G data along with unlimited calls and texts.

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