Google Home: Features, release date and pricing

The Google Home smart speaker launched at Google's I/O Conference last week in response to the popular Amazon Echo speaker which has so far functioned as a highly-capable personal assistant.

Google Home will offer similar functionality as Amazon Echo and will be based on Google Assistant AI which will let you interact with it through voice commands.


Looking more like a mini-jug or an over-sized cup, Google Home will monitor and control music playback and streaming video playback on TVs using the technology available in Google's Chromecast. You will also be able to customise its looks by choosing from a choice of metal and fabric finishes available in a range of colours.

A mere look at its functionality would give an impression that Google Home is more like another Google Now with a form and face. Just like the latter, it can engage in conversations with you and can help you with whatever you're looking for using its in-built Google search function. It will also be able to connect with other IoT devices like Nest systems once it launches later this year.

Google Home runs a very similar artificial intelligence software which powers the conversational Google Now and is also powered by an AWS cloud computing platform. It's basic functionality will be based on third party app-integrations and users will be able to access information inside other apps using Google Home. For example, you will be able to play music on Spotify via Google Home.

Release date and price

Google has announced that Google Home will be available later this year but has not specified if it will launch in Autumn or during Fall.

As far as pricing is concerned, Google has made no announcements yet but given that the Amazon Echo is currently priced around £229.99, Google Home should cost somewhere close to the region of £250.

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