Vodafone offers 90% discount on play store purchases for six months

Vodafone is offering up to 90 per cent discounts on purchases in the Google Play Store while letting you transfer the value of such purchases to your monthly phone bills.

Vodafone's new Charge to Bill offer can be used by subscribers to make purchases on services like Spotify Premium, Sky Sports Mobile TV, Sony PlayStation and Facebook as well.

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You can only avail the Charge to Bill offer by Vodafone if you are a Vodafone subscriber and use any smartphone running Android 2.2 or later versions of the operating system. Once you subscribe to the offer, if you purchase any apps, movies, TV shows, games or ebooks on the Play Store or even make in-app purchases, rather than paying with your registered credit card on Google Play, you can choose to pass on the cost to your Vodafone monthly bill. This way, you will need to make one consolidated payment for availing cellular services as well as buying and using apps.

To incentivise customers who are willing to subscribe to Charge to Bill, Vodafone is offering 90% discount on Google Play Store apps and games for six months and the offer will last till October of 2016. By taking up the offer, Vodafone says, customers will be able to save themselves from the hassle of encountering lengthy registration processes or disclosing credit card details and PINs regularly.

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"Vodafone Charge to Bill is an easy, fast and reliable way for customers to pay for digital content and services from their mobile phone. We are delighted that our Charge to Bill service now includes Google Play Store, which joins a range of leading content providers such as Spotify Premium, Sky Sports Mobile TV, Sony PlayStation and Facebook as well as Vodafone’s own breaking news and sport alert services," said David James, Head of Commercial Marketing at Vodafone UK.

If you like what Vodafone are offering, then you need to visit the 'Redeem' menu in the Google Play Store and type in the code 'Vodafone apps.' After you subscribe to the offer, whenever you buy an app in the Play Store, you will need to select  "Vodafone Charge to Bill" option while checking out.

This isn't the first time that Vodafone is offering freebies to let new takers of its offerings enjoy a range of additional services for free. In October of last year, Vodafone introduced its new and fastest 76 Mbps Superfast Fibre+ Broadband connections and offered free Netflix for an entire year to potential subscribers.

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    This is wrong. The code 'VodafoneApps' gives Vodafone customers 90% off a single app from a small selection on the Google Play Store. As shown in the...

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