Google's Allo and Duo to challenge WhatsApp and Skype

Google has launched Allo and Duo- two news easy-interface apps that are set to rival the likes of WhatsApp and Skype which have so far been the dominant messaging and video-calling apps around the world.

While Allo lets you respond to messages without typing a single word through an intelligent AI, Duo is a video-calling app that lets you connect with your friends no matter where you are or how fast your internet connection is.

While using Allo, you'll be able to reply to messages from friends by choosing from options like 'Hey,' 'haha' 'aww so cute' and others based on the kind of questions that are being put to you. This is done by a built-in Smart Reply feature which adapts to your preferences and matures overtime to suit itself with your personality.  However, we won't be sure about how effective it is until we get to try it out in real time.

Apart from saving your effort on typing everything you need to say to your friends, Allo also lets you write notes on images that you send to your friends. You will also be able to choose the sizes of your texts and since Allo works with your phonebook, you'll be able to message anyone whose details are in your contacts list.

What's more, Allo also integrates with Google Assistant and will let you chat with it to find information on the web and get things done. For example, if you ask if it your flight got delayed, it'll share the status of your booked flights instantly. Basically, Allo works as an effective messaging app and doubles up as an internet search machine as well.


Google has also launched a new video-calling app named Duo which works pretty much like Skype or FaceTime. Like Allo, Duo works with your phonebook and makes it easy for you to make video calls to anyone in your contacts list. Video calls on Duo will be in HD formats but the app will adjust the resolution based on the available interned speeds. The app will also transition from cellular to Wi-Fi and will save your precious data if you happen to be in a known Wi-Fi zone while making calls on cellular data.

Both Allo and Duo offer end-to-end encryption of any data that you send or receive and will thus keep your chats and calls private. Google has announced that both apps will launch later in the summer but we expect them to appear as in-built apps in the next Nexus smartphones which will also debut with Android N on-board.

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