LG launches Action CAM with CCTV and 4G video streaming on tap

LG today launched the Action CAM LTE, a standalone camera which can work independent of smartphones and will let you capture pictures and videos and stream them over 4G.

LG Action CAM will release in Korea next month and will be available in the UK shortly thereafter. LG will announce pricing and details of partner carriers at the time of release.

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Apart from featuring functionalities very similar to the EE Action Cam, the LG Action CAM can be used as a CCTV camera as well. The camera can attach itself to a surface and can record videos in Full HD resolution for as long as four hours. Once you pair it with a smartphone, you can remote access the camera and will be able to view the recordings on your phone in real time.

LG Action CAM also comes with a SIM slot through which it derives 3G or 4G LTE connectivity to upload and stream pictures and videos directly to video websites like YouTube. Later this year, LG will also introduce a completely waterproof case which will let the camera function underwater and enable users to take pictures and videos while they're swimming or diving.

“We are committed to expanding the LG Playground ecosystem with both modules and standalone accessories and Action CAMLTE is one of many more that we plan to announce this year. Action CAMLTE is an example of the kind of innovation we will be bringing to market, devices that offer features unavailable in other competing products,” said Juno Cho, LG Electronics and Mobile Communications Company president.

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The camera in LG Action CAM is a 12.3MP one, the same as in the G5, and apart from capturing images with larger 1.55? pixels, it can also record videos in HD, Full HD and Ultra HD resolutions. The phone also comes with a 2GB RAM to enable stutter-free capturing and streaming and also 4GB of internal storage to save captured files. Other features of the camera include a 1,400 mAh battery, a MicroSD slot which offers additional storage of up to 2TB, sensors like GPS, Accelerometer and Gyroscope as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

To be available in Light Gray colour, LG Action CAM will weigh just 95g and we should expect it to be available in UK in the next couple of months.

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