The best under £200 tablets available right now

There's something about tablets that smartphones, no matter how big, won't fill until the whole device mess jumbles up one day and we'll be left with one of them, all messed up and battered. While most tablets aren't as pricey as their smaller cousins, what die-hard tablet-lovers crave for are large displays, thin bodies and the gaming experience that smartphones can seldom match, despite enticing buyers with striking displays, superfast processors and gigantic RAMs.

Even though a lot of gamers are now looking at phablets with renewed interest, for most users, a round of Subway Surfers on both gadgets would kill the argument. That being said, tablets aren't just phones, they're a different breed altogether, and the way they're priced now ensures that their demand won't cease until phablets officially enter tablet territory.

Here's a look at the best five tablets that are priced at under £200 and are doing pretty well as far as sales are concerned.

ASUS MemoPad 8

Price:   £109.99 

Pros: Slim, lightweight, helpful preloaded apps

Cons: Multitasking an issue, response to touch not fast enough, no ambient light sensor and not bright enough to use under sunlight

ASUS MemoPad 8 is the slimmest and most lightweight among ASUS tablets. It comes with two years of free cloud storage and pre-loaded ASUS apps offering various functionalities. The tablet also features a 64GB MicroSD slot, a thinly-woven exterior that offers a better grip and a large speaker that amplifies the sound. However, the display is not bright enough to use under direct sunlight and the performance may stutter if too many apps are kept open at the same time.

Tesco Hudl 2

Price: £99

Pros: Great screen, family friendly design; unmodified Android software

Cons: White model picks up lots of dirt; Storage can only be increased by 32GB; Average cameras

Priced at less than 150, Tesco Hudl 2 comes with a family-friendly design with a Full HD screen, powerful specifications, pure Android operating system without any overlays and a powerful quad-core processor churning 1.83 Gigs of power. It also features a Tesco app folder which contains widgets and apps of Tesco's online services as well as a Child Safety app to let parents control how much their children can use the app.

Amazon Fire HD 6

Price  £79

Pros: Easy one-handed usage; smooth performance

Cons: Processor not the fastest; battery life middling

The Fire HD 6, unlike other tablets, is highly portable and can be easily operated with one hand thanks to a 6-inch IPS display. It also offers a smooth performance and lets you play games and listen to tracks thanks to the smooth operating system and family-friendly apps within. However, the plastic body looks a bit cheap and the tablet doesn't feature Google play store which will be a major source of disappointment for most users. If you do not need too many features or a brilliant metal body in your tablet, then the Fire HD 6 will be the perfect tablet for the price.

Google Nexus 7

Price: £105 (on Amazon)

Pros: Inexpensive; sharp display, upgraded to Android 6.0 Marshmallow; powerful processor

Cons: No MicroSD slot; no rear camera

Google Nexus 7 features Android at its purest and comes with a powerful quad-core processor, a brilliant display, the latest Android operating system but sadly no MicroSD slot or rear camera. However, you can still buy one with 16GB of internal storage. The display responds instantly to touch, the performance doesn't stutter even while multi-tasking and the tablet, despite being launched three years ago, comes with NFC support as well as an in-built GPS.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7

Price: £178

Pros: Very thin and light; powerful battery; 128GB MicroSD slot; rounded edges for comfortable grip

Cons: Low-res display; expensive at launch; plastic body

Samsung's Galaxy Tab A 9.7 offers nothing more but a larger display over its 8-inch variant. Perfect for gamers who love big screens, the tablet comes with a powerful battery which can last long even under regular usage but the display resolution is the same as in the 8-inch Galaxy Tab A. Its plastic body doesn't look premium but features curved edges to ensure a more comfortable grip compared to other tablets. The tablet also comes with a MicroSD slot which lets you add up to 128GB of additional storage.

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